Best Ideas To Pamper Yourself During Bad Days

Best Ideas To Pamper Yourself During Bad Days

It is common for every individual to have bad days among the good ones. Life is not always a sunshine and rainbow so having difficult moments from time to time is considered normal. The problem is not the bad day but how you reach and deal with it. Different person may deal with bad days differently. Some people tend to have a fast recovery while others struggles more. 

How to practice self-care and deal with bad days

Bad days often happen without reasons. There is no particular thing happens but you feel like something is wrong, making you feel like staying in bed all day. It is also common for us feeling down without particular reason and one of the best coping mechanism is binge unhealthy foods. So here are some tips you can consider using to combat your bad days:

Head outside for a walk

During bad days, you don’t have to keep forcing yourself accept the situation. Instead of struggling to do so, it is more preferable to head out and take a walk for half an hour or so. A walk can help clear your mind especially when your walking path is surrounded by nature. While walking, play your favorite music or relaxing songs. 

Dress up for the day

It is often difficult for you to get off of the bed during those bad days. Instead of lying in your bed all day, why not doing the opposite. Dress yourself to your preference and rock your favorite outfit. Try outfit that you tend to save for particular occasion. See if it can improve your mood. Put some makeup to compliment your stunning outfit for the day. 

Burn scented candles

Burn scented candles

To help you relieve the stress and tension, try burning scented candles in your space. If you don’t really like scented candles, you may try other alternatives such as oil diffuser where essential oils are used to create aromatherapy. While enjoying the scent, you can also switch on your fairy lights to further calming, relaxing ambience.

Pet animals

According to Planetshine, animals are said to be a great companion for humans since they can radiate positive energy, especially pets. Spend time with animals during bad days have been proven to be one of the most effective ways in improving your mood during bad days. Pet animals lovingly for some time. Or if you have your own pets, groom them and play with them for the day. 

Nourish your body

Regardless of your preference, your body needs proper nourishment, especially during bad days when you struggle more. Eat and drink healthily because healthy foods can help improve moods as well. However, you can also indulge in your favorite snacks such as chocolate bar or pop corn to help elevate your appetite as well. 

Try meditation

Many people find it helpful to meditate on daily basis. If you are not used to meditate, try doing it during bad days and see if it can help improve your mood. While meditating, you can also practice deep breathing exercise. 

Prebiotic Skincare is the Next Beauty Big Thing: Learn More About It

Prebiotic Skincare is the Next Beauty Big Thing- Learn More About It

You’ve most likely heard of prebiotic and how crucial they are for gut health. But what about having prebiotic skincare?

Prebiotics are helpful to skin and today researchers in beauty industry are starting to incorporate them into skin care formulations. Even though prebiotic is a relatively new skin care component, they quickly become popular. Don’t get mixed up with probiotics skincare, though. Topical probiotics help to provide an effective barrier against harmful environmental components including pollution, smoke, and debris, helping skin to remain comfortable and balanced. 

We’ll go through the differences between prebiotics and probiotics, why they’re excellent for skin, and which prebiotic-infused products to test first. We engaged the help of prominent dermatologists and scientists as prebiotic and probiotic skin care became a hot new trend.

What Prebiotic Actually Means

Prebiotics and probiotics, whether they’re in your gut or on your skin, work together to keep you healthy. What we call as prebiotics is the living microorganisms in a product that can be used on the skin or ingested to benefit your health. “Prebiotics are the nourishment that keeps your probiotics alive and active,” Elina Fedotova, cosmetic chemist and creator of Elina Organics Spa Chicago & Kalamazoo, explained.

In other words, a prebiotic acts as a fertilizer or food for probiotic bacteria, promoting their growth in the gut and intestines. Probiotics are living microorganisms that can be ingested orally or applied topically to give helpful and useful properties.

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Incorporating Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine

How Does Prebiotic Works for Your Skin

Prebiotic Skincare is the Next Beauty Big Thing- Learn More About It

Prebiotics, in a nutshell, are beneficial to the skin as well as your body. But what exactly are they? Probiotics are a type of living bacteria that help to support the millions of beneficial bacteria that live in your gut and on your skin’s surface. They also prevent harmful germs from entering the skin, which can cause inflammation and contribute to breakouts, eczema flare-ups, and premature aging. Probiotics are typically made from fermented foods.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, assist probiotics and good bacteria in performing their functions more effectively. These prebiotics keep your skin’s microbiome strong and healthy by feeding your naturally occurring probiotics. They also help to maintain a healthy pH balance on the skin, as well as a strengthening the skin barrier against inflammatory intruders.

Dr. Noelani González, director of cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai West in New York, remarked, “Like our gut flora, our skin flora is continuously balancing hazardous and good bacteria.” Both the concentration and type of organisms vary by individual and bodily area. By inhibiting the formation of hazardous pathogens, the skin aids in the preservation of the skin’s immunity to certain organisms. This is how skincare with prebiotic ingredients maintain the health of your skin!

Can Prebiotic Skincare Combats Acne? 

You might wonder, can prebiotic beauty products helps you with acne or does it only work with already healthy skin? The answer is yes! Prebiotics (and probiotics) can help with acne treatment in some cases. Prebiotics help to prevent blemishes by reducing inflammation that causes breakouts. When coupled with probiotic bacteria, the prebiotic component glucomannan is particularly helpful at minimizing blemishes and breakouts!

If you’re already using a probiotic skin care product, introducing a prebiotic to your skincare routine will significantly improve its effectiveness. To receive the benefits of prebiotics, you don’t need to combine both probiotics and prebiotics. Prebiotics beauty products, when applied alone, can boost the number of helpful probiotic bacteria on the skin.

How To Fall Asleep Quickly Without Counting Sheep

How To Fall Asleep Quickly Without Counting Sheep

How many sheep you have to count until you fall asleep every night? It must be inconvenience to keep doing it but you feel like you have no choice if you don’t want to stay awake all night. Sleep is important not only for your physical but also mental health. Lack of sleep can lead to variety of health problems both in short and long term. Thus, there are several tips to help you fall asleep quickly and get a good night’s sleep without the need to counting sheep before.

Make sure you are not hungry before going to bed

Sometimes, the problem of falling asleep is because you are hungry. Hence, make sure to eat two to three hours before sleep. Don’t eat too close to bedtime since it is not good for your body. If you don’t want to feel heavy before bed, you can eat fruits or healthy snacks. 

Shower or bathe with warm water

Decreasing of body temperature before bed is good to help you fall asleep quickly. However, it doesn’t mean you should shower or bathe with cold water. Instead, you should do it with warm water because your body temperature will decrease afterwards. Hence, your body will be more relaxed and you will feel sleepier. 

Set your room temperature right

The right temperature of your room can help a lot in making you fall asleep easier. It is best to set your room temperature a little bit lower to create cool moods. The right room temperature will help a lot in keeping you asleep throughout the night so you won’t get easily awaken. Also, dim the light to keep your circadian rhythm. 

Set your phone and gadget aside

Set your phone and gadget aside

It is best that you avoid using any gadget at least one hour before bedtime. You can replace it by reading your books instead. Or, you can also do some journaling before bed instead of scrolling through social media. The blue light from electronic devices can distract your natural circadian rhythm. 

Avoid napping for too long during daytime

Napping can be beneficial for your health since you allow your body to take a break. However, you will only get the best benefit for napping that is no longer than 30 minutes. Also, avoid napping too close to your bedtime. If you feel so sleepy, do activities to distract yourself. 

Avoid drinking caffeine too close to bedtime

It is best to not drink any caffeinated beverages at least 7 hours before bedtime. If you drink coffee in the evening, the caffeine will stay in your system even when it is your bedtime, making it harder for you to fall asleep. It can also disturb your sleep throughout the night and make you constantly wake up. 

Try meditation and breathing exercise

Meditation can help  alot in keeping you relaxed and reduce anxiety. Your mind will be more peaceful so you are easier to fall asleep. You might also try breathing exercise you can do before bedtime to help you relaxed. 

What to Do When You Accidentally Meet Shark on Bali Diving

What to Do When You Accidentally Meet Shark When Diving in Bal

Imagine. You are going for a long-awaited Bali diving trip, jumping to crystal-clear water of this beautiful island, and plunging to the depth of the ocean. You feel relaxed, surrounded with nothing but the blueness of the water—or the colourful coral reef and the blooming marine life around it. All of sudden, a big shadow is looming from afar—getting closer and closer, until you realize it’s a shark. A shark that get curious at you; a weird-looking, long wiggly fish breathing out bubbles. Your heart might stop beating for a moment. Most beginner divers do, especially when they have zero experience with sharks encounters before.

What should you do in moments like this? 

Getting An Unplanned Sharks Encounter During Bali Diving

Contrary at how sharks are villainously portrayed by Hollywood, they rarely attack human unprovoked! Sharks also get in the same water with human more frequently than what you think. However, some divers do get attacked by sharks (most commonly by the white sharks/ bull sharks/ tiger sharks). In cases of unprovoked shark attack, experts analyzed that it’s most likely the consequence of divers not understanding how to engage appropriately with sharks or how to react if a shark suddenly becomes aggressive. In consideration of this, here are some guidelines for interacting safely with sharks in case you meet them during your dive trip in Bali. 

Keep Your Calm

The first and most important thing, do not panic. Sudden movements and splashing, according to experts, can entice the shark even more. Panic increases a diver’s heart rate, body temperature, and adrenaline levels, all of which could cause the shark to react.

Maintain Eye Contact with the Shark

Maintain eye contact if you spotted the animal and it spotted you. Sharks will often circle behind you to take a bite if you keep a watch on them, so keep an eye on them. Maintain your composure and slowly back away.

If you lose sight of a shark, it may reappear nearby suddenly. Keep an eye on the creature until it loses interest and swims away. It’s worth waiting and watching for a few more minutes to see if it comes back. 

Stay Upright

While it comes to scuba diving buoyancy management, perfect horizontal trim may be the gold standard, but not when dealing with dangerous sharks. Standing erect offers you a considerably more imposing profile in the water, which the shark does not expect, making it nervous and unwilling to approach you.

Observe the Sign of Attack from the Shark

Sharks that swim calmly and relaxedly do not represent a threat in general. This is their energy-saving default setting. Oceanic whitetip sharks are notorious for circling groups of divers and making close approaches to each diver individually. Any change in that behavior, on the other hand, could indicate that the shark has become agitated, necessitating increased vigilance. Keep an eye out for jerky movements, quick tail movement, and bursts of speed.

How to Back Away

If a shark begins to show an interest in you by approaching you closer and closer, the best tactic is to exit the water – swim fast but gracefully, keeping a constant eye on the shark.

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Type of Sharks You’ll Meet While Diving in Bali

Type of Sharks You’ll Meet While Diving in Bali

Only four shark species are considered harmful to humans: Oceanic Whitetip Sharks, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Great White Sharks — none of which can be found in Bali. The sharks you can find in Bali’s underwater are mostly White Tip and Black Tip Reef sharks, and if you’re lucky, the elusive Wobbegong Shark. The reefs of Nusa Dua and Padang Bai are teeming with White Tip and Black Tip Reef Sharks, but these “scary fish” are actually shy and pose little threat to humans. Actually, the sight of them can actually highlight a scuba diving experience in Bali for most divers! These sharks are frequently seen swimming on beaches. They like shallow waters with a depth of less than 10 feet to live. Here in Bali, there’s no reason to be afraid of sharks! Seeing these lovely creatures gliding through the water is a sight to behold.

Why You Should Never Invest In Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies rate are amazing. Just see how good the Bitcoin is today when you are changing it into USD. People who have been bought it 10 years ago are even being a rich in a sudden. Many online marketers are also making it as one of the investment your money should involved in.

Reasons not to invest in Cryptocurrency

But to be honest, I have no interesting in any available cryptocurrencies to invest in. I have my own reasons why is that and hopefully will help you out to decide whether you are going to invest in it or not.

It seems IMPOSSIBLE to find out where your money came from

Many people are even can increase their cryptocurrency money through surfing a site while investment company holdings are also offering the cryptocurrency investments.

but seriously, you will never know where the money come from. It can be from selling the stock in stock exchanges or money laundrying. All the good and the bad are the same.

Investing in cryptocurrency has not been proven as a long-term investment strategy

Many people are investing in stock exchange, gold, property and many more. And mostly, the investment types and strategies have been proven by many for years. far different by investing in cryptocurrency, it’s the new one and still need more time to prove. But knowing my first reason on above, i think I have no time to prove anything.

You can even find a news informing you that one of the wealth manager was even telling us that we are likely going to see cryptocurrency collapse.

Many people are thinking that a day trade crypto is easier than Forex, I am getting more suspicious now

You still believe in making an easy money don’t you? Life must be treat you the hard way. There’s no such a thing. Even if there will be one, you will still need to spend more money or doing it for years.

The easier the thing to get especially in making money, you should have warned yourself about that. But, what if there have been many investment companies are offering the same? They need to make money from your investment, too!

Cryptocurrency is one of the main gate to a speculatory asset

If you are investing in cryptocurrency, you are actually spending more money to produce something you have not been found out. But you must be wished that it will gives you more money right? The thing is, the only thing you will get in the first place is just speculation and you will forever hoping that the guys you have gave your money will pay more for lending him your money before. That’s insane.

You are likely have no idea when you are lost in your investment

If you have been investing your money before and assuming that you are lost in your investment, what are ways to get your money or asset back except investing more and hoping that the result will be double or even triple than what you have been spent. You know what? Gambling is not even that fool!

Interesting Things About Surf Camp You Will Fall In Love With

There are many interesting things in the world. And to know about them, mostly traveling can be the main thing to do to find them out. One of the interesting travel idea to try is a surf camp and even though surfing is not really what you are passionate about, you will fall in love with it for some reasons.

1. Surf camp is fun and professional surfing course

If you think that surfing is hard for you, you may are learning it by yourself. If you are in a surf camp trip, you will know the right step by step in how to master the skills. There will be a professional instructor that is passionate and patient to teach you how to do it the right ways.

2. Many people are interesting to try surfing with their dog

Man surfing with his dog at the beach

Have you ever been seen an image when someone is surfing at the beach, riding waves with a dog? Doesn’t it interesting to you? Surely many dogs can swim and what if you are taking it to another level by being on a surfboard with your dog? What a beautiful holidays will it be when you are possible for that.

Don’t you worry if you have never been learning surfing before, the above first point is the main answer how you are dealing with your problem. Even if you still not interesting in a surfing, you can simply find the instructor for your dog because there have been many surf competitions for the dogs. What a surprise!

3. Surfing course is for everyone

Have got an elementary kids or your son has been a teenager at the moment? Send them to experience how adventurous the surf camp is as well as part on how you are helping them to grow. But as the parents, you can also have your own adult class for surfing. The lessons and skills are for everyone.

4. Surf camp is a family-friendly travel idea and is also recommended for the friends getaway

If you are wondering about what the travel idea to experience with your family or friends that is exciting, fun and also healthy plus give you knowledge and skills, there is no doubt that a surf camp is what you are looking for.

5. Affordable

If you think that to start learning surfing you will need to spend money on getting some basic equipment like the wetsuits, surfboard and the wax, then it shouldn’t always that way. Through a surf camp, all of the required equipment have been prepared and you will only need to bring yourself to the right location.

Paying for the surf camp’s course itself is also affordable knowing that there are benefits you can get. Sometimes, just by paying not up to USD 50 per day, you will then have a surf class with all the equipment to use as well as the accommodation and the other services.

6. Surf camp can be the luxury travel idea, too

You may don’t know this right? Some surf camp providers are even offering the surf boat charters to spend all your days and nights of holidays on boat while searching for the waves and start your surfing adventure. Even, chartering a surf boat will also possible for a liveaboard package that can accompany you to visit certain islands as part of your travel itinerary.

Negative Team Dynamics That Can Ruin Your Business

List of things that can ruin your team to become successful

Building your own business means you need to build solid team full of passionate people sharing the same idea as you. Growing business is challenging enough. However, working with team can help make it more bearable especially when your team is full of positive people with great dedication and commitment. It is like a dream team. In reality, building solid team is not easy. The problem is, a team consists of different individual with different heads. Uniting one group of people is challenging.

Things That Can Prevent Your Team to Become Successful

Positive dynamic in the team is what can help your business to grow bigger. However, it is challenging to do it because of diversity.

The problems in the team can be caused by many reasons such as personal life at home, relationship problems, personal hardship, financial problems, etc. Those can be the trigger to negative dynamics in the team. Beside that, there are still the other things that can affect the dynamic of the team which can ruin the business, see below explanation about them.

Can’t work with the team members

Inability to work together is very crucial because the concept of the team itself is to work together in a team. If one person has difficulty to work together then one problem can lead to another. It can be caused of many things, one of them is personality clashes. For example, some people like working in silence while others like working with loud music. Those can cause some clashes and you need to find the right solution to solve it.

No intention to change

Next thing that can ruin the dynamic of your business team is unwillingness to change. There are people who have already had fixed mindset. They are hard to crack which can make everything gets more difficult. There are individuals who like to stick to one idea and against another. This is why it is important to share the same value and objectives right from the beginning so every member of the team will think based on what’s best for the company.

Out of motivation? You are running out of luck!

Lack of motivation is also one of the most common problem in a team dynamic. It can ruin your business because when people work without motivation, it lack of desire of victory. It makes you give up easily when you face little problems. That’s why kept motivated is important for every individual in your team. Do something that can make your team stay motivated such as conducting reward program, vacation promise, etc.

Imbalance between individual and team recognition

Recognizing and acknowledging your members’ achievement is good so they can stay motivated and try harder to be better. However, too much individual recognition doesn’t do any good. When you favor one team above the others overly, it will only cause resentment from other team. Thus, you need to do the recognition and acknowledgment in balance.

Too much control in everything

Having excessive control over your team won’t do any good as well because then you limit their creativity. Therefore, it is best to let them complete their task on their own way. The most important thing is that they achieve the goals and settings you have clearly made from the beginning no matter what ways they take.

How Social Media Can Increase Your Business Performance?

Today, social media is not only a place where the users are connecting each other and sharing about their kitten images. It is even can be the first place to promoting and start improving your own business where many businessmen have been doing it including myself.

Social media is where we can spending time for hour without feeling sorry for haven’t been productive during that hours, yet, many of us keep on using it everyday and even every certain hours.

You can even find yourself accessing your own social media accounts while scrolling up and down to find the funny quotes and may be the business offers or simply just about the active discussion on certain job vacancies on your Facebook feeds.

How social media platforms can help growing your online business

It is even making sense to say that most of the internet users are using social media, right? And if you have been knowing for so long that social media is where people are gathering together online, don’t you think that it will be the better place to shout out about your business as well so the more people will notice about what your offers are to them?

How social media will help your business to a higher level?

As I have just said, social media is where everyone is at. It doesn’t matter what the platforms they are in, they can be on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, etc. All of those ‘places’ can be where you are going to spread out your business offers.

All you need is just to create a page for each accounts. It is better that you are registering and maintaining only some of the popular social media pages. You don’t need to rapidly sign up on all the social media platforms, just the ones where people are using the most.

Social media like Facebook is also featured with the ability for users to create their own group and fanpage. You can promote your business offers over there if there are no rules for that. The features are also community-base where the users who are joining in are having the same interests about a topic.

It will really beneficial to target the potential customers related to the pages.

Beside that, business owners are also possible to put the advertisement offers on social media. It is surely can be the faster way to gain audiences while introducing the brand. Later, who would have guessed that the ads can increasing the business performance as well especially to get more sales.

Spending money on ads for today’s business is a common thing. Even the new started ones are using it and so do the businesses that have been establishing for years.

It is because the ads cost itself is not a burden plus you can even find many ways and free tutorials on internet that will guide you on how to optimizing your budget on advertising as well as optimizing the social media account itself.

But for the business owners and could be the managers, maintaining social media can be challenging.

They are surely have no time for that.

Then, if you are asking me about what to do, my solution for now is the social media agency Bali. You will need to find and hire an agency for that. Because if you are doing it all alone, it will takes like forever for you to skyrocketing the business.

Sometimes, when you are thinking or even planning about increasing your own business performance, you should also think about how B2B (Business to Business) system will be working out for you.

Leave all your business burdens to be worked by an agency or another company because there have been professional team for that so you can focusing on the other important works of your business. You can’t really do everything by yourself. No matter how independent you are, you still need a help from the others.

Being a businessman and woman won’t stop making you as the social being.

Ever since there will be more online potential customers your business can reach on social media, then your business performance will also been increased to a higher level it never been reached before.

Keep on connecting with your audience on social media is one of the way to increase your business performance for any purposes you wanted them to take action. And it is also a platform where you will keep on communicating with your customers at any times, literally.

Type of Property Manager You Should Actually Choose

When you decided to invest in rental investment property means you are going to be a landlord. It may sound simple but it is not. You are not supposed to be just a landlord who receive monthly rent from your tenants.

You are supposed to be a good landlord who can manage property as well as tenants.

Besides, property management is not an easy thing to handle by yourself especially if your rental investment property is quite large scale. You will need something more than self or simple management.

Remember that your investment property is your asset, but so is your tenant.

What property manager can do?

To manage your portfolio as well as grow it, you need to take everything to more serious level.

Hiring property manager is a good step to do it. However, remember that you cannot just hire random property manager that comes to your first. That’s not how it works. Here are things about property manager you should actually choose:

How to choose your own property manager

  1. First things first, do not just hire property manager that comes to you first while offering their service. It is not about simple hiring. Even though there are many property management companies out there offering various service, not all of them is reliable, professional and experienced. Thus, you need to choose the best amongst the few of them thoroughly.
  2. The right property manager to choose is not only those who offer you property management service at best. They are supposed to assist you through leverage cash flow. The best property managers are those who can also maximise your asset and help you achieve your wealth goals. That’s how you can differentiate the professional property manager and the regular one.
  3. You also should hire property manager that gives you service for annual review o your portfolio. Maybe not all of investors or landlords need this kind of service. However, it is better if you have it. Your annual review of your portfolio will help you to improve your business. This way, you will know exactly what to do and what not to do for better investing and managing property. This is one of the best and smartest way to optimise your rent.
  4. Choose property manager that can understand you and your goals. Those who can also know your motivation deserve to be chosen. You must have your own financial goals. However, to achieve it solely by your hands is quite challenging. Why not sharing the burden with property manager who can help you to achieve it by strategic plans.
  5. Aside from increasing the profit from your rental investment property, you also need to protect it because it is your asset after all. It is not only about protecting your property from irresponsible tenants but also other risks through long-term protection. As an investor and landlord, you need this type of protection and the best property manager will inform you of what to do as well as give your recommendation of the best leverage.

Travel Hacks to Save on Your Accommodation in Bali

Many of the travellers must be thinking and planning how to save more of the money when they are going to visit a destination. So are those who want to visit Bali someday. You must also be want to know about this, right?

Travel hacks to save more money on your accommodation while traveling in Bali

Lucky you! Looks like you are on your way to find some of the important travel hacks in this post that can help you to save the money and budget when you are traveling around in Bali especially to keep your bucks from the accommodation that are well known as one of the place that can spend your money a lot.

And it will be occurring every single single day from the first night or day you have reserved in ’till the end of your holidays.

Ever since Bali is where the international tourists are coming, living costs are increasingly high as well especially when you are at the tourist centres or destinations.

Now, imagine if you want to stay in Bali that is close to your favourite place like a beach, you must have been thinking that it will be so expensive right?

In fact, sometimes what you are thinking right now can’t be an absolute true and you know that you are agree with me in that.

If you can spend a bit of your times to real along and all of this post, you will find some of the useful and important ways or tips that can help you save even more of your money on accommodation in Bali.

There will always ways for that.

1. To save more of your money on accommodation in Bali, choosing the proper location is never this important.

I am sure that if there are 5 people will be asked about the popular place they want to visit while in Bali, then the Kuta area including the Kuta Beach can be the first answer among the others.

It is understood if many travellers will be answering so since Kuta has been the most popular area since a long time ago.

But, the most popular place or location has its own price and you should keep on remembering that. I am not saying that all of the accommodations and rooms at Kuta will be so expensive, but you are actually have the other locations that will also interesting to be picked.

So, choosing the proper and right location should be on your first priority. And being away from the most popular location won’t also give your travel stories the negative impacts.

You can find the other places or area such as Seminyak, Petitenget, Legian, Canggu, or you can even considering to moved out to another location like Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan to spend the vacation in Bali.

Sometimes, a hotel room at Kuta itself can charge you $100 per night while the other locations I have mentioned above will only make you pay for around $50 or a bit more per night but won’t reaches up to a hundred.

2. Get the rented accommodation when you are traveling with friends or families!

You may are traveling to Bali with your friends or families. I mean, there are more people coming with you or you may one of the person who has been asked to joined in a trip to Bali.

No matter what the case is, the important thing to be underlined here is there are more people are traveling together. Let’s say, it must be a small group of travellers.

If that will be the case, then it is better to stay together closer. You have to make sure that everyone is easy to be reached anytime. There is one of the way you may have been though of about this too which is to find or reserves an accommodation that will be enough for all the team members but all of you will still feel comfort or even stay in luxury.

For that purpose, the hotel rooms can’t be the option at all. Even you should have getting rid off them since the first moment you are leaving the house.

I am talking about the accommodation types such as condos, guest houses, villas, and things as such so all the people can stay together. And do you know what? Doing this will save more money on accommodation in Bali since such accommodations will only rented in one fixed price no matter how many people you are bringing in.

3. Visit the chosen accommodation’s official site to find the special offers!

You may are also getting the special offers or discounts from the reservation sites such as Booking, TripAdvisor, TriVago and many more. But, do you know that sometimes the accommodation offers are also only published their special offers in no other places but their own official sites?

Let’s say that you are going to rent the 3 bedroom villa Seminyak for all the team you are inviting to Bali. Then you are checking its official site and thank’s God that the site itself is offering the special discount to save an extra 10% off and you can also take an advantage of get picked up at the airport for free.

Doesn’t it interesting?

And at the same time, it will also help you to save more money on the accommodation when traveling in Bali.

4. If you’ve got more followers on Instagram, it may helps you to get more extra discounts

Is there anyone here that are checking their Instagram followers when planning for the accommodation to stay in? If not, you have to includes this one into your list right away.

It doesn’t matter if you are not the celebrity at all. But if you are one of the Social Media Influencers, don’t you think that you are actually have got an offer for the accommodation’s management to give them a chance for the paid or endorsement post or by the return of giving your team more discount than the regular people?

And it actually doesn’t have to be the thousands of the Instagram followers, but it can also be your own blog with thousands of daily visitors where you can propose to the management to give them a chance for the post placement for their business.

Think about your other online assets than both of above and you will have more offers for the accommodations to give you more discounts or even to work together with you while enjoy the tropical island of Bali.

You can save on your accommodation as well as getting paid as long as you are doing it good.

5. Find the free cancelation accommodation

If you are in doubt whether you will be traveling to Bali at the certain date you have determined or not, you’d better finds the stay that will gives you the freedom to make a cancelation at anytime without being cut.

If you have send the cost for around $500, then they have to sending back as the same amount you have sent them.

It won’t make you save more money on accommodation but this will make you save the money you should have not been sent by accident or when you want to cancel the whole trip itself for the urgent reasons.

Those are 5 travel hacks you ca try to do to get save on your accommodation while traveling in Bali. Feel free to add more ways as you have thought of.