How To Fall Asleep Quickly Without Counting Sheep

How To Fall Asleep Quickly Without Counting Sheep

How many sheep you have to count until you fall asleep every night? It must be inconvenience to keep doing it but you feel like you have no choice if you don’t want to stay awake all night. Sleep is important not only for your physical but also mental health. Lack of sleep can lead to variety of health problems both in short and long term. Thus, there are several tips to help you fall asleep quickly and get a good night’s sleep without the need to counting sheep before.

Make sure you are not hungry before going to bed

Sometimes, the problem of falling asleep is because you are hungry. Hence, make sure to eat two to three hours before sleep. Don’t eat too close to bedtime since it is not good for your body. If you don’t want to feel heavy before bed, you can eat fruits or healthy snacks. 

Shower or bathe with warm water

Decreasing of body temperature before bed is good to help you fall asleep quickly. However, it doesn’t mean you should shower or bathe with cold water. Instead, you should do it with warm water because your body temperature will decrease afterwards. Hence, your body will be more relaxed and you will feel sleepier. 

Set your room temperature right

The right temperature of your room can help a lot in making you fall asleep easier. It is best to set your room temperature a little bit lower to create cool moods. The right room temperature will help a lot in keeping you asleep throughout the night so you won’t get easily awaken. Also, dim the light to keep your circadian rhythm. 

Set your phone and gadget aside

Set your phone and gadget aside

It is best that you avoid using any gadget at least one hour before bedtime. You can replace it by reading your books instead. Or, you can also do some journaling before bed instead of scrolling through social media. The blue light from electronic devices can distract your natural circadian rhythm. 

Avoid napping for too long during daytime

Napping can be beneficial for your health since you allow your body to take a break. However, you will only get the best benefit for napping that is no longer than 30 minutes. Also, avoid napping too close to your bedtime. If you feel so sleepy, do activities to distract yourself. 

Avoid drinking caffeine too close to bedtime

It is best to not drink any caffeinated beverages at least 7 hours before bedtime. If you drink coffee in the evening, the caffeine will stay in your system even when it is your bedtime, making it harder for you to fall asleep. It can also disturb your sleep throughout the night and make you constantly wake up. 

Try meditation and breathing exercise

Meditation can help  alot in keeping you relaxed and reduce anxiety. Your mind will be more peaceful so you are easier to fall asleep. You might also try breathing exercise you can do before bedtime to help you relaxed.