Boost Your Health With These Positive Lifestyle Factors

Boost Your Health With These Positive Lifestyle Factors

Lots of people think that health is about genetic. However, it is not entirely true. Aside from genes, your health benefits alot from positive lifestyle choices. You cannot change your genes or the environment where you live in. However, you can make conscious change to your lifestyle, opting for healthier, and more positive choices. 

Promoting good health with positive lifestyle

Lifestyle is not only about how you dress or present yourself. It is more about how you take care of your well-being mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is a holistic approach so you cannot leave one element for the others. And here are positive lifestyle factors important to promote your overall good health:

Practicing a healthy diet

Diet is not about restricting your body from getting good nutrients it deserves. It is about maintaining your well-balanced diet. Eating food that helps your body energized and healthy in general. What you eat does matter because it affect how your body function. Make conscious choice of food you need to eat so that you can lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, and any other diseases. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits in your daily meals. Reduce the consumption of processed or junk foods. 

Having quality sleep

Having quality sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to deteriorating health also high level of stress. It can also cause you to lose focus. However, it is also important to remember that having too much sleep will not give positive impact to your health either. Hence, you need the right amount of sleep. A good night’s sleep can help recharge your body and mind. During sleep, your body still working by repairing damaged cells, and getting rid of waste.  Ask help from professionals if you have difficulty to sleep. 

Stay active

Every individual may have different capacity of physical activities to do on regular basis. The point is to do it regularly and consistently. You don’t have to do it vigorously like an athlete does. Choose physical activities you like and do it for 30 minutes per day. By staying active, your mind will also become clearer and can be freed from excessive stress. 

Maintain a healthy body weight

Obesity is one of the greatest contributors to various high risk disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. You can check your body mass index to see if you are in healthy range. Keep in mind that it is not about looking thin or meatless. Talk with your healthcare provider if you are struggling with your body weight. 

Reduce stress, alcohol consumption, and stop smoking

Stress can damage your well-being in so many ways. It is not something concrete you can remove with your hand so it is challenging to reduce it. You can practice meditation and mindfulness to help reduce the level of stress. Also, limit alcohol consumption and stop smoking because those two things can cause lots of severe health problems such as stroke, erectile dysfunction, cancer, etc.  It may not happen today or tomorrow but in few years. 

How to Advertise Your Private Villa Ubud As Romantic Getaway for Couples!

How to Advertise Your Private Villa Ubud As Romantic Getaway for Couples!

Couples looking for a romantic escape make up a large section of the vacation rental market. When you consider that Bali is one of the primary honeymoon destinations for couples and newlyweds from all around the world, it’s easy to see why couples are the next visitor category you should focus on. And if you want more bookings to your private villa Ubud from this market, you should consider to advertise the villa to meet their demands. 

What Couples Wants for Romantic Escape in A Private Villa Ubud

Given that many couples travel to commemorate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday, there are numerous ways to catch their attention and market your resort specifically for romantic vacations. But how do you go about doing it? What do couples looking for a romantic trip want, and what demands do they have that are unique to this set of travelers? How can you provide an unforgettable experience? Here are seven suggestions for turning your vacation rental into a romantic getaway for two.

Provide Amenities that Couples Wants

Provide Amenities that Couples Wants

One of the finest methods to attract guests’ attention is to provide amenities that set your resort apart from the competitors. Pools and hot tubs are the most popular amenities requested by couples looking for a relaxing getaway. In fact, because these search terms are so common, most vacation rental websites allow guests to filter properties using them. Guests who are looking for intimate vacation with their loved ones would be thrilled to find a luxurious yet affordable 2 bedroom villa with private pool in Ubud, Bali. 

Bath tubs are one of the top amenities you can add to your vacation rental to improve its value. For owners with limited outdoor area, a hot tub is a viable investment that can increase nightly value by at least $31 per room per night. Furthermore, adding a hot tub to a regular rental can instantly transform it into a romantic getaway. 

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Highlight Private Spa and Relaxation Services in the Villa Ubud

Highlight Private Spa and Relaxation Services in the Villa Ubud

What could be more romantic than a relaxed vacation? Provide spa amenities such as quality soaps and bath products, scented candles, and additional towels and linens. These amenities would be greatly appreciated by your guests. If you don’t have these amenities in your vacation home, you may set up a link to a neighboring spa or massage parlor for couples.

Run Special Campaign & Promotions for Couples

While each couple will have their own particular dates to remember, when you launch marketing campaigns, you may generate a buzz to draw more couples to your villa Ubud over specific holidays. You might think about creating special discounts or deals for other key holidays like Nyepi Day, Golden Weekend, or even Christmas, in addition to the more obvious Valentine’s Day promos.

Include Romantic Set-Up in Your Promotional Photos

Without any romantic ambience, a romantic escape in the private villa in Ubud Bali would be incomplete. Warmer light and light dimmers will assist your guests enjoy their stay in your vacation home by creating a dreamy atmosphere. If you want to add that extra touch, add lights from various sources (rather than simply an overhead light) and some battery-operated candles to diversity light sources and give it that fairy-tale atmosphere. You may provide nice quality bedding and soft blankets, as well as a welcome basket to enjoy together, to add to the personal atmosphere. You might also specify whether the home has wine or champagne glasses available in the listing.

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Show Special Treatments for Couples in Your Promotional Listing

Offering offers and promotions for these events will entice people to visit your vacation home, and adding that extra special touch to your guests’ stay will ensure that it will be a memorable occasion. Send flowers, rose petals, or a romance basket filled with scented candles, chocolates, and a bottle of wine to greet them. You may be able to create a likely repeat booking for those dates for all those wishing to relive the important event by providing that magical touch and making their experience unforgettable, especially for honeymooners.

How To Fall Asleep Quickly Without Counting Sheep

How To Fall Asleep Quickly Without Counting Sheep

How many sheep you have to count until you fall asleep every night? It must be inconvenience to keep doing it but you feel like you have no choice if you don’t want to stay awake all night. Sleep is important not only for your physical but also mental health. Lack of sleep can lead to variety of health problems both in short and long term. Thus, there are several tips to help you fall asleep quickly and get a good night’s sleep without the need to counting sheep before.

Make sure you are not hungry before going to bed

Sometimes, the problem of falling asleep is because you are hungry. Hence, make sure to eat two to three hours before sleep. Don’t eat too close to bedtime since it is not good for your body. If you don’t want to feel heavy before bed, you can eat fruits or healthy snacks. 

Shower or bathe with warm water

Decreasing of body temperature before bed is good to help you fall asleep quickly. However, it doesn’t mean you should shower or bathe with cold water. Instead, you should do it with warm water because your body temperature will decrease afterwards. Hence, your body will be more relaxed and you will feel sleepier. 

Set your room temperature right

The right temperature of your room can help a lot in making you fall asleep easier. It is best to set your room temperature a little bit lower to create cool moods. The right room temperature will help a lot in keeping you asleep throughout the night so you won’t get easily awaken. Also, dim the light to keep your circadian rhythm. 

Set your phone and gadget aside

Set your phone and gadget aside

It is best that you avoid using any gadget at least one hour before bedtime. You can replace it by reading your books instead. Or, you can also do some journaling before bed instead of scrolling through social media. The blue light from electronic devices can distract your natural circadian rhythm. 

Avoid napping for too long during daytime

Napping can be beneficial for your health since you allow your body to take a break. However, you will only get the best benefit for napping that is no longer than 30 minutes. Also, avoid napping too close to your bedtime. If you feel so sleepy, do activities to distract yourself. 

Avoid drinking caffeine too close to bedtime

It is best to not drink any caffeinated beverages at least 7 hours before bedtime. If you drink coffee in the evening, the caffeine will stay in your system even when it is your bedtime, making it harder for you to fall asleep. It can also disturb your sleep throughout the night and make you constantly wake up. 

Try meditation and breathing exercise

Meditation can help  alot in keeping you relaxed and reduce anxiety. Your mind will be more peaceful so you are easier to fall asleep. You might also try breathing exercise you can do before bedtime to help you relaxed. 

What to Do When You Accidentally Meet Shark on Bali Diving

What to Do When You Accidentally Meet Shark When Diving in Bal

Imagine. You are going for a long-awaited Bali diving trip, jumping to crystal-clear water of this beautiful island, and plunging to the depth of the ocean. You feel relaxed, surrounded with nothing but the blueness of the water—or the colourful coral reef and the blooming marine life around it. All of sudden, a big shadow is looming from afar—getting closer and closer, until you realize it’s a shark. A shark that get curious at you; a weird-looking, long wiggly fish breathing out bubbles. Your heart might stop beating for a moment. Most beginner divers do, especially when they have zero experience with sharks encounters before.

What should you do in moments like this? 

Getting An Unplanned Sharks Encounter During Bali Diving

Contrary at how sharks are villainously portrayed by Hollywood, they rarely attack human unprovoked! Sharks also get in the same water with human more frequently than what you think. However, some divers do get attacked by sharks (most commonly by the white sharks/ bull sharks/ tiger sharks). In cases of unprovoked shark attack, experts analyzed that it’s most likely the consequence of divers not understanding how to engage appropriately with sharks or how to react if a shark suddenly becomes aggressive. In consideration of this, here are some guidelines for interacting safely with sharks in case you meet them during your dive trip in Bali. 

Keep Your Calm

The first and most important thing, do not panic. Sudden movements and splashing, according to experts, can entice the shark even more. Panic increases a diver’s heart rate, body temperature, and adrenaline levels, all of which could cause the shark to react.

Maintain Eye Contact with the Shark

Maintain eye contact if you spotted the animal and it spotted you. Sharks will often circle behind you to take a bite if you keep a watch on them, so keep an eye on them. Maintain your composure and slowly back away.

If you lose sight of a shark, it may reappear nearby suddenly. Keep an eye on the creature until it loses interest and swims away. It’s worth waiting and watching for a few more minutes to see if it comes back. 

Stay Upright

While it comes to scuba diving buoyancy management, perfect horizontal trim may be the gold standard, but not when dealing with dangerous sharks. Standing erect offers you a considerably more imposing profile in the water, which the shark does not expect, making it nervous and unwilling to approach you.

Observe the Sign of Attack from the Shark

Sharks that swim calmly and relaxedly do not represent a threat in general. This is their energy-saving default setting. Oceanic whitetip sharks are notorious for circling groups of divers and making close approaches to each diver individually. Any change in that behavior, on the other hand, could indicate that the shark has become agitated, necessitating increased vigilance. Keep an eye out for jerky movements, quick tail movement, and bursts of speed.

How to Back Away

If a shark begins to show an interest in you by approaching you closer and closer, the best tactic is to exit the water – swim fast but gracefully, keeping a constant eye on the shark.

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Type of Sharks You’ll Meet While Diving in Bali

Type of Sharks You’ll Meet While Diving in Bali

Only four shark species are considered harmful to humans: Oceanic Whitetip Sharks, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks, and Great White Sharks — none of which can be found in Bali. The sharks you can find in Bali’s underwater are mostly White Tip and Black Tip Reef sharks, and if you’re lucky, the elusive Wobbegong Shark. The reefs of Nusa Dua and Padang Bai are teeming with White Tip and Black Tip Reef Sharks, but these “scary fish” are actually shy and pose little threat to humans. Actually, the sight of them can actually highlight a scuba diving experience in Bali for most divers! These sharks are frequently seen swimming on beaches. They like shallow waters with a depth of less than 10 feet to live. Here in Bali, there’s no reason to be afraid of sharks! Seeing these lovely creatures gliding through the water is a sight to behold.

Essential tips for your first business meeting


New things always bring challenges. Especially when it comes to meet other people and it is a professional agenda. Whether it is a meeting with your boss, your clients or your colleagues, you need to perform well in order to pursue your goals. 

Consider these tips if you want to win your meeting participants’ heart. 

Be confident

When you get the chance to carry out or participate in a meeting, you must know that you have the capability and quality for it. So, never underestimate yourself. Now that people trusted you, you must show them that you are worth for this position or deal. 

Think about the outcome of this meeting, confront your fears and believe in yourself that you can push yourself through the limits. 

Prepare for the meeting

Preparation means that you are ready for the meeting. You should and must know the agenda of this first meeting. Learn the materials properly and bring all the necessary documents to the meeting. A little bit more research is very helpful for the unexpected questions from your interlocutors. Also, do not forget to confirm and send a reminder to your meeting participants. 

No less importance, you should know who you are going to meet. Bear in mind to mention their name with the right salutation when you call them.  

Last but not least, know exactly where and when the meeting will be held, then come in time. Some spare time of 30 minutes before the schedule is ideal to take some breath, relax the nerves and to set up the meeting necessities like projector, presentation file, copies of documents and so on. 

Appear professionally

Something that often forgotten by many people is the apparel. “Don’t judge the book from its cover” may not apply this time. A boardroom is place where you present yourself, and this is very much from your look. Since we are living in a very perceptible world, a statement from your outfit is needed. 

Catch people’s attention favourably with a comfortable yet professional outfit. Wear suit that represents a quality person. Try to put up neat clothes that do not show too much skin. In addition, mind your makeup and hairstyle as well. 

Take notes

There will be so many things that are going on in the meeting. So many information that you might not remember wholly. That is why you should bring your notebook and write down the main points of the conversation during the meeting. By doing this you can always look at your notes after the meeting and not skipping the small important things.  

Why You Should Never Invest In Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrencies rate are amazing. Just see how good the Bitcoin is today when you are changing it into USD. People who have been bought it 10 years ago are even being a rich in a sudden. Many online marketers are also making it as one of the investment your money should involved in.

Reasons not to invest in Cryptocurrency

But to be honest, I have no interesting in any available cryptocurrencies to invest in. I have my own reasons why is that and hopefully will help you out to decide whether you are going to invest in it or not.

It seems IMPOSSIBLE to find out where your money came from

Many people are even can increase their cryptocurrency money through surfing a site while investment company holdings are also offering the cryptocurrency investments.

but seriously, you will never know where the money come from. It can be from selling the stock in stock exchanges or money laundrying. All the good and the bad are the same.

Investing in cryptocurrency has not been proven as a long-term investment strategy

Many people are investing in stock exchange, gold, property and many more. And mostly, the investment types and strategies have been proven by many for years. far different by investing in cryptocurrency, it’s the new one and still need more time to prove. But knowing my first reason on above, i think I have no time to prove anything.

You can even find a news informing you that one of the wealth manager was even telling us that we are likely going to see cryptocurrency collapse.

Many people are thinking that a day trade crypto is easier than Forex, I am getting more suspicious now

You still believe in making an easy money don’t you? Life must be treat you the hard way. There’s no such a thing. Even if there will be one, you will still need to spend more money or doing it for years.

The easier the thing to get especially in making money, you should have warned yourself about that. But, what if there have been many investment companies are offering the same? They need to make money from your investment, too!

Cryptocurrency is one of the main gate to a speculatory asset

If you are investing in cryptocurrency, you are actually spending more money to produce something you have not been found out. But you must be wished that it will gives you more money right? The thing is, the only thing you will get in the first place is just speculation and you will forever hoping that the guys you have gave your money will pay more for lending him your money before. That’s insane.

You are likely have no idea when you are lost in your investment

If you have been investing your money before and assuming that you are lost in your investment, what are ways to get your money or asset back except investing more and hoping that the result will be double or even triple than what you have been spent. You know what? Gambling is not even that fool!

Interesting Things About Surf Camp You Will Fall In Love With


There are many interesting things in the world. And to know about them, mostly traveling can be the main thing to do to find them out. One of the interesting travel idea to try is a surf camp and even though surfing is not really what you are passionate about, you will fall in love with it for some reasons.

1. Surf camp is fun and professional surfing course

If you think that surfing is hard for you, you may are learning it by yourself. If you are in a surf camp trip, you will know the right step by step in how to master the skills. There will be a professional instructor that is passionate and patient to teach you how to do it the right ways.

2. Many people are interesting to try surfing with their dog

Man surfing with his dog at the beach

Have you ever been seen an image when someone is surfing at the beach, riding waves with a dog? Doesn’t it interesting to you? Surely many dogs can swim and what if you are taking it to another level by being on a surfboard with your dog? What a beautiful holidays will it be when you are possible for that.

Don’t you worry if you have never been learning surfing before, the above first point is the main answer how you are dealing with your problem. Even if you still not interesting in a surfing, you can simply find the instructor for your dog because there have been many surf competitions for the dogs. What a surprise!

3. Surfing course is for everyone

Have got an elementary kids or your son has been a teenager at the moment? Send them to experience how adventurous the surf camp is as well as part on how you are helping them to grow. But as the parents, you can also have your own adult class for surfing. The lessons and skills are for everyone.

4. Surf camp is a family-friendly travel idea and is also recommended for the friends getaway

If you are wondering about what the travel idea to experience with your family or friends that is exciting, fun and also healthy plus give you knowledge and skills, there is no doubt that a surf camp is what you are looking for.

5. Affordable

If you think that to start learning surfing you will need to spend money on getting some basic equipment like the wetsuits, surfboard and the wax, then it shouldn’t always that way. Through a surf camp, all of the required equipment have been prepared and you will only need to bring yourself to the right location.

Paying for the surf camp’s course itself is also affordable knowing that there are benefits you can get. Sometimes, just by paying not up to USD 50 per day, you will then have a surf class with all the equipment to use as well as the accommodation and the other services.

6. Surf camp can be the luxury travel idea, too

You may don’t know this right? Some surf camp providers are even offering the surf boat charters to spend all your days and nights of holidays on boat while searching for the waves and start your surfing adventure. Even, chartering a surf boat will also possible for a liveaboard package that can accompany you to visit certain islands as part of your travel itinerary.

How to Choose Between Strategy and Execution


Running business is about making choices. There are so many things you need to decide on. Every decision you make will affect how your business moves. Every decision has its own potential risks, weighs, and rewards. One decision can lead to failure or success. That is why running a business is not for the weak. You need to be strong-minded and determined. Using your emotional feeling to take over your business won’t do either because business is about number and logical thinking. Sure, there are times when you have to trust your guts. However, the most reliable thing to have is your rationale thinking.

Execute the strategy to grow your business successfully

Lots of business owners and expertise argue over which one is more important in running business, whether it is strategy or execution. To think of it, both are important for business. You need the right strategy to execute. It is hard enough to look for the most effective strategy to boost your business. It is even more challenging to execute them properly to gain positive result. So which one is more important?

Every business owner may have different opinion regarding to this matter. Some people say that strategy is more important because if the strategy is bad then the execution will be just worse. Meanwhile, some others believe that execution is more important because no matter how good the strategies are, they won’t work if they are not executed the right way. Both have their truth but not entirely wrong either.

Strategies are important because they are like map of what you should do. They are the options you need to decide. You have to choose what kind of strategies to use to run your business successfully. There are many strategies already so you need to make your own decision of what strategies you want to apply to your business. By planning and choosing strategies, you will be able to run your business with purpose. Of course not all strategy won’t guarantee your success because there are other factors that affect the chance of success after all. However, strategies allow you to plan better and move with purpose.

Execution is also important because what’s the point of having a weapon if you don’t know how to use it? Thus, execution is more like your plan of how to apply the strategies in the most effective way so the result will be as expected. Even best strategies still need good execution in order to effectively work. Therefore, strategy is not less important than execution and vice versa. Both are important for business. You need the best strategies so your business will stay afloat. However, you need right execution so the strategies you have planned won’t go to waste.

Strategy is hard because it takes so much effort. However, every effort is worth it for finding effective strategies. Then, execution is hard as well. Executing the best strategies is much better to grow your business. Therefore, both are important for your business and you need both.

How To Reach Bali Diving Spots


For the first time to Bali? Preparation is important to start your adventure in Bali. Many activities in Bali that will give you a memorable vacation and a spectacular experience. Surf or dive from the right choice to perfect your adventure. Access to reach tourist destinations is not easily achieved. To reach Tulamben from Kuta it takes 2.5 hours. It seems impossible if you don’t use transportation to reach the dive spots.

Bali Diving Spots

Bali diving spots do offer special charm for all divers, both local and international. How to reach dive spots especially for tourists who are first to Bali?

Explore Bali Diving Spots With Trustworthy Dive Center

Automatic diving destinations have many dive operators with many dive package deals. Exploring Bali diving spots, especially for professional divers, is certainly a special and memorable pleasure. Imagine roaming shipwrecks left over by World War II or looking closely at unique and rare species such as sunfish.

Amenities Bali diving spots packages

Bali diving spots packages for all beginner or professional level divers who want to explore without difficulty. Dive operators provide transportation from where you stay to spot diving and drop off back to your lodging. They provide diving equipment, including boats to dive spots, until lunch.

Bali diving spots packages help make divers easier to focus on preparing dives. Keep in mind not to do divers 24 hours after and before the flight to prevent decompression. Diving requires careful preparation and a fit body is a requirement for diving. If you have certain diseases, it’s a good idea to do a medical check-up to get a diving permit from a doctor.

Facilities offered by dive operators are provided for divers who feel comfortable and safe when diving. The best dive operators provide professional and experienced instructors who ensure your safety and security while diving.

Finding dive operators is easy too difficult. Easy, because Bali is a diving destination, there are automatically many dive operators that offer packages for underwater exploration. The difficulty is to find dive operators who are truly professional and experienced. For this reason, reviews from previous divers for related dive operators are the best way to choose the best dive operators.

Best diving spots are where you can find rare and unique species for all divers to enjoy the underwater scenery. Bali not only offers stunning diving destinations but also beautiful and enchanting natural scenery. It will be very beneficial if you can get around to tourist destinations in Bali after diving.

Negative Team Dynamics That Can Ruin Your Business


List of things that can ruin your team to become successful

Building your own business means you need to build solid team full of passionate people sharing the same idea as you. Growing business is challenging enough. However, working with team can help make it more bearable especially when your team is full of positive people with great dedication and commitment. It is like a dream team. In reality, building solid team is not easy. The problem is, a team consists of different individual with different heads. Uniting one group of people is challenging.

Things That Can Prevent Your Team to Become Successful

Positive dynamic in the team is what can help your business to grow bigger. However, it is challenging to do it because of diversity.

The problems in the team can be caused by many reasons such as personal life at home, relationship problems, personal hardship, financial problems, etc. Those can be the trigger to negative dynamics in the team. Beside that, there are still the other things that can affect the dynamic of the team which can ruin the business, see below explanation about them.

Can’t work with the team members

Inability to work together is very crucial because the concept of the team itself is to work together in a team. If one person has difficulty to work together then one problem can lead to another. It can be caused of many things, one of them is personality clashes. For example, some people like working in silence while others like working with loud music. Those can cause some clashes and you need to find the right solution to solve it.

No intention to change

Next thing that can ruin the dynamic of your business team is unwillingness to change. There are people who have already had fixed mindset. They are hard to crack which can make everything gets more difficult. There are individuals who like to stick to one idea and against another. This is why it is important to share the same value and objectives right from the beginning so every member of the team will think based on what’s best for the company.

Out of motivation? You are running out of luck!

Lack of motivation is also one of the most common problem in a team dynamic. It can ruin your business because when people work without motivation, it lack of desire of victory. It makes you give up easily when you face little problems. That’s why kept motivated is important for every individual in your team. Do something that can make your team stay motivated such as conducting reward program, vacation promise, etc.

Imbalance between individual and team recognition

Recognizing and acknowledging your members’ achievement is good so they can stay motivated and try harder to be better. However, too much individual recognition doesn’t do any good. When you favor one team above the others overly, it will only cause resentment from other team. Thus, you need to do the recognition and acknowledgment in balance.

Too much control in everything

Having excessive control over your team won’t do any good as well because then you limit their creativity. Therefore, it is best to let them complete their task on their own way. The most important thing is that they achieve the goals and settings you have clearly made from the beginning no matter what ways they take.