Essential tips for your first business meeting


New things always bring challenges. Especially when it comes to meet other people and it is a professional agenda. Whether it is a meeting with your boss, your clients or your colleagues, you need to perform well in order to pursue your goals. 

Consider these tips if you want to win your meeting participants’ heart. 

Be confident

When you get the chance to carry out or participate in a meeting, you must know that you have the capability and quality for it. So, never underestimate yourself. Now that people trusted you, you must show them that you are worth for this position or deal. 

Think about the outcome of this meeting, confront your fears and believe in yourself that you can push yourself through the limits. 

Prepare for the meeting

Preparation means that you are ready for the meeting. You should and must know the agenda of this first meeting. Learn the materials properly and bring all the necessary documents to the meeting. A little bit more research is very helpful for the unexpected questions from your interlocutors. Also, do not forget to confirm and send a reminder to your meeting participants. 

No less importance, you should know who you are going to meet. Bear in mind to mention their name with the right salutation when you call them.  

Last but not least, know exactly where and when the meeting will be held, then come in time. Some spare time of 30 minutes before the schedule is ideal to take some breath, relax the nerves and to set up the meeting necessities like projector, presentation file, copies of documents and so on. 

Appear professionally

Something that often forgotten by many people is the apparel. “Don’t judge the book from its cover” may not apply this time. A boardroom is place where you present yourself, and this is very much from your look. Since we are living in a very perceptible world, a statement from your outfit is needed. 

Catch people’s attention favourably with a comfortable yet professional outfit. Wear suit that represents a quality person. Try to put up neat clothes that do not show too much skin. In addition, mind your makeup and hairstyle as well. 

Take notes

There will be so many things that are going on in the meeting. So many information that you might not remember wholly. That is why you should bring your notebook and write down the main points of the conversation during the meeting. By doing this you can always look at your notes after the meeting and not skipping the small important things.  

Why You Should Never Invest In Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrencies rate are amazing. Just see how good the Bitcoin is today when you are changing it into USD. People who have been bought it 10 years ago are even being a rich in a sudden. Many online marketers are also making it as one of the investment your money should involved in.

Reasons not to invest in Cryptocurrency

But to be honest, I have no interesting in any available cryptocurrencies to invest in. I have my own reasons why is that and hopefully will help you out to decide whether you are going to invest in it or not.

It seems IMPOSSIBLE to find out where your money came from

Many people are even can increase their cryptocurrency money through surfing a site while investment company holdings are also offering the cryptocurrency investments.

but seriously, you will never know where the money come from. It can be from selling the stock in stock exchanges or money laundrying. All the good and the bad are the same.

Investing in cryptocurrency has not been proven as a long-term investment strategy

Many people are investing in stock exchange, gold, property and many more. And mostly, the investment types and strategies have been proven by many for years. far different by investing in cryptocurrency, it’s the new one and still need more time to prove. But knowing my first reason on above, i think I have no time to prove anything.

You can even find a news informing you that one of the wealth manager was even telling us that we are likely going to see cryptocurrency collapse.

Many people are thinking that a day trade crypto is easier than Forex, I am getting more suspicious now

You still believe in making an easy money don’t you? Life must be treat you the hard way. There’s no such a thing. Even if there will be one, you will still need to spend more money or doing it for years.

The easier the thing to get especially in making money, you should have warned yourself about that. But, what if there have been many investment companies are offering the same? They need to make money from your investment, too!

Cryptocurrency is one of the main gate to a speculatory asset

If you are investing in cryptocurrency, you are actually spending more money to produce something you have not been found out. But you must be wished that it will gives you more money right? The thing is, the only thing you will get in the first place is just speculation and you will forever hoping that the guys you have gave your money will pay more for lending him your money before. That’s insane.

You are likely have no idea when you are lost in your investment

If you have been investing your money before and assuming that you are lost in your investment, what are ways to get your money or asset back except investing more and hoping that the result will be double or even triple than what you have been spent. You know what? Gambling is not even that fool!

Interesting Things About Surf Camp You Will Fall In Love With


There are many interesting things in the world. And to know about them, mostly traveling can be the main thing to do to find them out. One of the interesting travel idea to try is a surf camp and even though surfing is not really what you are passionate about, you will fall in love with it for some reasons.

1. Surf camp is fun and professional surfing course

If you think that surfing is hard for you, you may are learning it by yourself. If you are in a surf camp trip, you will know the right step by step in how to master the skills. There will be a professional instructor that is passionate and patient to teach you how to do it the right ways.

2. Many people are interesting to try surfing with their dog

Man surfing with his dog at the beach

Have you ever been seen an image when someone is surfing at the beach, riding waves with a dog? Doesn’t it interesting to you? Surely many dogs can swim and what if you are taking it to another level by being on a surfboard with your dog? What a beautiful holidays will it be when you are possible for that.

Don’t you worry if you have never been learning surfing before, the above first point is the main answer how you are dealing with your problem. Even if you still not interesting in a surfing, you can simply find the instructor for your dog because there have been many surf competitions for the dogs. What a surprise!

3. Surfing course is for everyone

Have got an elementary kids or your son has been a teenager at the moment? Send them to experience how adventurous the surf camp is as well as part on how you are helping them to grow. But as the parents, you can also have your own adult class for surfing. The lessons and skills are for everyone.

4. Surf camp is a family-friendly travel idea and is also recommended for the friends getaway

If you are wondering about what the travel idea to experience with your family or friends that is exciting, fun and also healthy plus give you knowledge and skills, there is no doubt that a surf camp is what you are looking for.

5. Affordable

If you think that to start learning surfing you will need to spend money on getting some basic equipment like the wetsuits, surfboard and the wax, then it shouldn’t always that way. Through a surf camp, all of the required equipment have been prepared and you will only need to bring yourself to the right location.

Paying for the surf camp’s course itself is also affordable knowing that there are benefits you can get. Sometimes, just by paying not up to USD 50 per day, you will then have a surf class with all the equipment to use as well as the accommodation and the other services.

6. Surf camp can be the luxury travel idea, too

You may don’t know this right? Some surf camp providers are even offering the surf boat charters to spend all your days and nights of holidays on boat while searching for the waves and start your surfing adventure. Even, chartering a surf boat will also possible for a liveaboard package that can accompany you to visit certain islands as part of your travel itinerary.

How to Choose Between Strategy and Execution


Running business is about making choices. There are so many things you need to decide on. Every decision you make will affect how your business moves. Every decision has its own potential risks, weighs, and rewards. One decision can lead to failure or success. That is why running a business is not for the weak. You need to be strong-minded and determined. Using your emotional feeling to take over your business won’t do either because business is about number and logical thinking. Sure, there are times when you have to trust your guts. However, the most reliable thing to have is your rationale thinking.

Execute the strategy to grow your business successfully

Lots of business owners and expertise argue over which one is more important in running business, whether it is strategy or execution. To think of it, both are important for business. You need the right strategy to execute. It is hard enough to look for the most effective strategy to boost your business. It is even more challenging to execute them properly to gain positive result. So which one is more important?

Every business owner may have different opinion regarding to this matter. Some people say that strategy is more important because if the strategy is bad then the execution will be just worse. Meanwhile, some others believe that execution is more important because no matter how good the strategies are, they won’t work if they are not executed the right way. Both have their truth but not entirely wrong either.

Strategies are important because they are like map of what you should do. They are the options you need to decide. You have to choose what kind of strategies to use to run your business successfully. There are many strategies already so you need to make your own decision of what strategies you want to apply to your business. By planning and choosing strategies, you will be able to run your business with purpose. Of course not all strategy won’t guarantee your success because there are other factors that affect the chance of success after all. However, strategies allow you to plan better and move with purpose.

Execution is also important because what’s the point of having a weapon if you don’t know how to use it? Thus, execution is more like your plan of how to apply the strategies in the most effective way so the result will be as expected. Even best strategies still need good execution in order to effectively work. Therefore, strategy is not less important than execution and vice versa. Both are important for business. You need the best strategies so your business will stay afloat. However, you need right execution so the strategies you have planned won’t go to waste.

Strategy is hard because it takes so much effort. However, every effort is worth it for finding effective strategies. Then, execution is hard as well. Executing the best strategies is much better to grow your business. Therefore, both are important for your business and you need both.

How To Reach Bali Diving Spots


For the first time to Bali? Preparation is important to start your adventure in Bali. Many activities in Bali that will give you a memorable vacation and a spectacular experience. Surf or dive from the right choice to perfect your adventure. Access to reach tourist destinations is not easily achieved. To reach Tulamben from Kuta it takes 2.5 hours. It seems impossible if you don’t use transportation to reach the dive spots.

Bali Diving Spots

Bali diving spots do offer special charm for all divers, both local and international. How to reach dive spots especially for tourists who are first to Bali?

Explore Bali Diving Spots With Trustworthy Dive Center

Automatic diving destinations have many dive operators with many dive package deals. Exploring Bali diving spots, especially for professional divers, is certainly a special and memorable pleasure. Imagine roaming shipwrecks left over by World War II or looking closely at unique and rare species such as sunfish.

Amenities Bali diving spots packages

Bali diving spots packages for all beginner or professional level divers who want to explore without difficulty. Dive operators provide transportation from where you stay to spot diving and drop off back to your lodging. They provide diving equipment, including boats to dive spots, until lunch.

Bali diving spots packages help make divers easier to focus on preparing dives. Keep in mind not to do divers 24 hours after and before the flight to prevent decompression. Diving requires careful preparation and a fit body is a requirement for diving. If you have certain diseases, it’s a good idea to do a medical check-up to get a diving permit from a doctor.

Facilities offered by dive operators are provided for divers who feel comfortable and safe when diving. The best dive operators provide professional and experienced instructors who ensure your safety and security while diving.

Finding dive operators is easy too difficult. Easy, because Bali is a diving destination, there are automatically many dive operators that offer packages for underwater exploration. The difficulty is to find dive operators who are truly professional and experienced. For this reason, reviews from previous divers for related dive operators are the best way to choose the best dive operators.

Best diving spots are where you can find rare and unique species for all divers to enjoy the underwater scenery. Bali not only offers stunning diving destinations but also beautiful and enchanting natural scenery. It will be very beneficial if you can get around to tourist destinations in Bali after diving.

Negative Team Dynamics That Can Ruin Your Business


List of things that can ruin your team to become successful

Building your own business means you need to build solid team full of passionate people sharing the same idea as you. Growing business is challenging enough. However, working with team can help make it more bearable especially when your team is full of positive people with great dedication and commitment. It is like a dream team. In reality, building solid team is not easy. The problem is, a team consists of different individual with different heads. Uniting one group of people is challenging.

Things That Can Prevent Your Team to Become Successful

Positive dynamic in the team is what can help your business to grow bigger. However, it is challenging to do it because of diversity.

The problems in the team can be caused by many reasons such as personal life at home, relationship problems, personal hardship, financial problems, etc. Those can be the trigger to negative dynamics in the team. Beside that, there are still the other things that can affect the dynamic of the team which can ruin the business, see below explanation about them.

Can’t work with the team members

Inability to work together is very crucial because the concept of the team itself is to work together in a team. If one person has difficulty to work together then one problem can lead to another. It can be caused of many things, one of them is personality clashes. For example, some people like working in silence while others like working with loud music. Those can cause some clashes and you need to find the right solution to solve it.

No intention to change

Next thing that can ruin the dynamic of your business team is unwillingness to change. There are people who have already had fixed mindset. They are hard to crack which can make everything gets more difficult. There are individuals who like to stick to one idea and against another. This is why it is important to share the same value and objectives right from the beginning so every member of the team will think based on what’s best for the company.

Out of motivation? You are running out of luck!

Lack of motivation is also one of the most common problem in a team dynamic. It can ruin your business because when people work without motivation, it lack of desire of victory. It makes you give up easily when you face little problems. That’s why kept motivated is important for every individual in your team. Do something that can make your team stay motivated such as conducting reward program, vacation promise, etc.

Imbalance between individual and team recognition

Recognizing and acknowledging your members’ achievement is good so they can stay motivated and try harder to be better. However, too much individual recognition doesn’t do any good. When you favor one team above the others overly, it will only cause resentment from other team. Thus, you need to do the recognition and acknowledgment in balance.

Too much control in everything

Having excessive control over your team won’t do any good as well because then you limit their creativity. Therefore, it is best to let them complete their task on their own way. The most important thing is that they achieve the goals and settings you have clearly made from the beginning no matter what ways they take.

How Social Media Can Increase Your Business Performance?


Today, social media is not only a place where the users are connecting each other and sharing about their kitten images. It is even can be the first place to promoting and start improving your own business where many businessmen have been doing it including myself.

Social media is where we can spending time for hour without feeling sorry for haven’t been productive during that hours, yet, many of us keep on using it everyday and even every certain hours.

You can even find yourself accessing your own social media accounts while scrolling up and down to find the funny quotes and may be the business offers or simply just about the active discussion on certain job vacancies on your Facebook feeds.

How social media platforms can help growing your online business

It is even making sense to say that most of the internet users are using social media, right? And if you have been knowing for so long that social media is where people are gathering together online, don’t you think that it will be the better place to shout out about your business as well so the more people will notice about what your offers are to them?

How social media will help your business to a higher level?

As I have just said, social media is where everyone is at. It doesn’t matter what the platforms they are in, they can be on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, etc. All of those ‘places’ can be where you are going to spread out your business offers.

All you need is just to create a page for each accounts. It is better that you are registering and maintaining only some of the popular social media pages. You don’t need to rapidly sign up on all the social media platforms, just the ones where people are using the most.

Social media like Facebook is also featured with the ability for users to create their own group and fanpage. You can promote your business offers over there if there are no rules for that. The features are also community-base where the users who are joining in are having the same interests about a topic.

It will really beneficial to target the potential customers related to the pages.

Beside that, business owners are also possible to put the advertisement offers on social media. It is surely can be the faster way to gain audiences while introducing the brand. Later, who would have guessed that the ads can increasing the business performance as well especially to get more sales.

Spending money on ads for today’s business is a common thing. Even the new started ones are using it and so do the businesses that have been establishing for years.

It is because the ads cost itself is not a burden plus you can even find many ways and free tutorials on internet that will guide you on how to optimizing your budget on advertising as well as optimizing the social media account itself.

But for the business owners and could be the managers, maintaining social media can be challenging.

They are surely have no time for that.

Then, if you are asking me about what to do, my solution for now is the social media agency Bali. You will need to find and hire an agency for that. Because if you are doing it all alone, it will takes like forever for you to skyrocketing the business.

Sometimes, when you are thinking or even planning about increasing your own business performance, you should also think about how B2B (Business to Business) system will be working out for you.

Leave all your business burdens to be worked by an agency or another company because there have been professional team for that so you can focusing on the other important works of your business. You can’t really do everything by yourself. No matter how independent you are, you still need a help from the others.

Being a businessman and woman won’t stop making you as the social being.

Ever since there will be more online potential customers your business can reach on social media, then your business performance will also been increased to a higher level it never been reached before.

Keep on connecting with your audience on social media is one of the way to increase your business performance for any purposes you wanted them to take action. And it is also a platform where you will keep on communicating with your customers at any times, literally.

Your First Steps in Making Business Plan


Making business plan is necessary. Those who are prepared have more chances to success. a plan in business means you are more prepared because you know what to do and which directions to head to. Of course, a business plan doesn’t guarantee that you will reach success. However, it increases the chance because it has objectives, strategies, and everything you need to start business smoothly without so much hassle from the beginning. Of course, business plan also needs to be made carefully.

Making business plan properly

Your first step into business should be done by making plan. It may sound simple but it is not entirely true either. A business plan cannot be made in a rush. You also need the right resources to make it. To help you make business plan easier, here are some tips of what first steps to do:

Your First Steps in Making Business Plan

Find reliable resources. To do so, you need to start your own research. In your research, you need to analyze your objective, products, market, business competitors, etc. The point is, you need to know everything related to your business so you are not starting business blindly.  You need to understand how the industry works.

Decide the purpose of your plan. This is important because every business owner has different nature of business with different background. The way you make plan for your self-funding business and attracting investor one should be different. However, both have the same goal which is to serve the goals you want to achieve through the business you are going to run.

Create profile for your company. It includes various information you need to let others know about your business such as organization’s history, products or services you offer, target market, resources, solution you offer, etc. Crafting company profile is not too difficult and you can use technology such as internet. You can create your company profile on online webpage. Thus, you need to make your company’s official website to put the profile.

Record everything about your business in written document. This is important factor for your business because if you have everything documented, you are ready to face investor, clients, customers, etc. Write the strategies you are going to use to start and run your business. Your strategies should be clear and understandable. To decide what kind of strategies to use, you need to think back of your own objectives. If the strategies can help improving the chance for you to achieve every objective then that’s the right one.

Your First Steps in Making Business Plan. This will help building your image of credibility. Besides, your business involves tem members, customers, and investors. Thus, you need to share the business plan that truly shows your genuine passion and dedication. You can even list the problems you are hoping to solve, your values, your resolution, and your strong point that makes you stand out from your competitors. This can create strong bond of business relationships to another level.


Travelling With Non-Diver to Komodo Liveaboard Trip


When you think about Komodo Liveaboard trip, the first thing to conjure up in your head might be the Komodo dragon trip, A visit to the dragons’ lair, followed by hike to the surrounding hilly islands, and amazing dive sessions in Komodo’s brilliant water. In fact, almost all liveaboard operator in the Komodo National Park offer two to five dive session per day on the sailing trip. Some liveaboard even dedicate themselves for full-sail dive trip in Komodo, with only occasional hike featuring the itinerary. For someone who has full interest on venturing the world under the water, this would be a heavenly holiday. Especially since the Komodo is known for its incredibly rich marine life and vibrant ecosystem—appearing almost like a world-sized aquarium.

But not everyone is keen on diving. Some people are not that gifted in the water, and some other prefer to stay on the land (or the boat, on this case) rather than spending hours with complicated diving apparatus 50+ meters below the surface. What should you do when you are the one with strong interest on diving while your travel buddies—family, spouse, or friend—doesn’t? Could you still have a peaceful Komodo holiday and satisfy everyone?

Travelling With Non-Diver to Komodo Liveaboard Trip

Choosing Balanced Itinerary

It’s not fair if you drag your companion to a pure diving liveaboard while they have nearly zero interest on diving. Be seriously picky with liveaboard to book and always enquire detailed itinerary for the trip. Keep the peace by striking on happy medium. Choose a Komodo liveaboard that combine dive sessions and land-based excursion in perfect balance. If this is their first liveaboard trip, you might want to take a trip with slightly more island excursion than the dive sessions—you want to introduce them to the joy of a sailing trip and not get them bored to death.

Finding Out What Your Companion Could Do on Komodo Liveaboard

Do not leave your travel companion as a “bubble watcher” on board. Make sure that they have some interesting things to do when you jump into the water. It’s a good idea to bring independent entertainment that would keep your companion happy in the mean time. Think of good books to read, tablets with offline movies and music, and game card. A fully functioning, no-internet needed photo editing software that could be operated through phone/ tablet/ laptop is good if your companion has interest in photography. They could immerse in editing superb photos that could readily be published on their social media once the travel has ended!

Give Them Introductory Background about Diving

Know that conversions in the lounge and dinner tables onboard Komodo liveaboard usually revolve around diving and the marine life. Divers would excitedly share what they see underwater, fishes they just encounter, or the latest dive gears they are eyeing. Prepare your companion and give them some dive backgrounds so that they won’t be left alone in the darkness on such conversation.

Pick Komodo Liveaboard with Water Sport Equipment

A great way to keep the non-divers happy during the dive session is by taking a Komodo  liveaboard that’s equipped with inclusive water sport facilities. Let them have an exciting kayak session—or learning the stand-up paddle board with other crews—when you glide across the coral garden. 

Book Them A Relaxing Spa

When your spouse is getting grumpy for “wasting the time watching bubbles”, it’s the right time to splurge a little and book them a relaxing spa onboard. Make sure that your Komodo liveaboard offer this service before the embarkation. As you go exploring the waters, your spouse could relax on deep-tissue massage and soak up on Komodo’s wonderful landscape. This would be a satisfying Komodo holiday that meets the needs of both diver and non-diver passengers.

Canggu Bali Villa Rentals with Low Rate for Budget Travelers


Travelling with limited budget can be stressful. You need to choose the right destination with average low rates in accommodation and transport. Thus, you can save your wallet from vanishing. However, you don’t need to worry because Bali provides everything you need. This majestic island in Indonesia is not only for glamorous travel but also budget travel. And who says that budget traveler cannot book a villa in Bali? There are many Canggu Bali villa rentals with low rate so you can breathe in properly without worrying much about your budget. Canggu is one of popular areas in Bali perfect for enjoyable vacation. This is where you can experience the finest of Bali from various points.

Canggu Bali Villa Rental

Canggu Bali villa rentals with low rates

Money is important thing to consider when it comes to travelling. It is your big supporter for your holiday to be safe and comfortable. In Bali though, the average expanse to spend for a simple vacation is considered affordable. There are also villas with low rates in rent that many tourists choose to stay for long term. However, you can also book one of villas in Canggu for a short getaway and here are some of the most recommended ones:

  • Villa Tibu Indah – If you are travelling in group, this villa is perfect for you to book. Nestled in rice fields in Canggu, this villa provides you best service and amenities for cozy living during your holiday in Bali. You only need to drive few minutes to arrive at the nearest beach, Echo beach. This villa features three bedrooms fit for 6 persons max. The three of them are situated across from each other and separated by the 12-metre swimming pool. Thus, you will enjoy the view of the swimming pool once you wake up in the morning. You can also get cozier by spending time at the garden bale equipped with two massage beds for relaxation.
  • Ambalama Villa Bali – This villa features five spacious bedrooms. The interior and exterior design of this villa are styled in innovative tropical concept. Local, woven woods can be found in many aspects in the architecture of this villa. There is a 25-metre infinity pool nearby the main’s pavilion. It is equipped with wooden pool beds and contemporized bale. The living area is located in the second floor featured in high ceiling and spacious floor. The dining area is equipped with wooden table fit for 10 persons. Besides dining area is kitchen where professional chef prepare your meal.
  • Villa Yenian – This is one of Canggu Bali villa rentals with low rate fit for big group of travelers or consisted of friends or families. It features five spacious bedroom with a terrace overlooking rice field view. The living area is designed in modern style with direct access leading to the outdoor garden. Dining spot is also available spaciously fit for 14 persons. On the outside, you will find swimming pool and Jacuzzi with air-jets. There is also luscious garden fit for BBQ party.