Incorporating Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine

Incorporating Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine

Taking care of yourself sometimes is not something you can do mostly because you feel like you don’t need it or that you don’t have enough time to indulge yourself in such routine. However, taking care of yourself is important and you will understand why maybe not today or tomorrow but later especially when you are near thirty. You feel like invincible and unstoppable that leads you to think self-care routine is just for the weak. However, there are so many benefits you can get from incorporating self-care into your daily routine.

How to incorporate self-care into daily routine

You might imagine self-care as someone who is in a rob being pampered with various luxurious treatment while sipping a cup of herbal tea. However, self-care for everyone might be different, depending on personal need and preference. The most important thing is to make it a routine, not a task you are obligated to do. Only then you can get the full benefits of self-care routine. 

Before diving into self-care ideas, make sure that you know when and why you need self-care. Then, find out what kind of care do you need or want. Some people might need self-care in a form of simple nap for an hour while others need a thorough bath using special scented soap or something. Meanwhile, there are also those who prefer self-care in a form of reconnecting with the people they are comfortable with. 

Create a routine to start and end the day

Create a routine to start and end the day

This gives a sense of clear purpose in your day by day life. You know when you drink a cup of water in the morning it is the time for you to restart. A restart routine can be anything you have on your mind. You don’t have to follow certain someone’s routine. Do something that make you feel more comfortable. 

Involve your sense when practicing self-care

To optimize your self-care routine, involve your sense, be it smell, sounds, memories, etc. For example, you choose having a cup of warm tea in the evening as a way to practice your self-care routine. You can amplify it by playing relaxing songs from your playlist. Or, you can simply lit a candle with a scent that remind you of happy times or childhood. 

Practice deep breathing

You don’t have to go travelling abroad to practice self-care routine. You can simply stay at home during your day off, practice simple yoga and deep breathing. Or, you can practice deep breathing to start and end your day. Before sleeping, you practice deep breathing for a few minutes to help you relax. And when you wake up, you do it again before starting your day. 

Make a list

You can also list things you want to do to pamper yourself especially for when you experience bad days. Hence, you may not only have one but several options to do. By making a list, you feel like you have something to turn to when you need something to ground you. 

8 Helpful Things to Pack for Resort Vacation in Bali

Are you heading for a sunny, tropical vacation in the Nusa Dua, Bali? This little seaside area of Bali enjoys white sand beaches, ocean breeze, and a quiet gated neighbourhood where most of the resorts in Nusa Dua reside. You might have started your packing—but we have discovered several things that make a beach resort vacation even more enjoyable! So make sure to include these in your bag and enjoy a happy tropical getaway.

Fun Clothes Pins

Fun Clothes Pins

These are things we would never have considered unless we had stayed at an all-inclusive beach resorts in Nusa Dua or other resorts in Bali. When it’s time for a pool day, most people arrive early to secure the best spot. You grab a couple of lounge chairs, spread out your towels, and leave a book and sunscreen to indicate that these are your loungers. Then you go get a cup of coffee or a bite to eat and return to your seats later.

However, bringing these towel clips not only secures your towels to your chairs (it does get windy near the coast after all), but they also make it easy to distinguish which chairs are yours from the same hotel towels. They also come in fun shapes like margaritas, flamingos, flip flops, parrots, and other colorful forms. These pins are also great for hanging your wet swimsuits to dry on your room balcony.

A Reef-Friendly Sunscreen

If you plan on going on any trips to swim in cenotes or other environmentally vulnerable environments, it’s critical that you use reef-safe sunscreen. Look for sunscreen that is safe for the ocean and has no hazardous components.

Insulated, Reusable Water Bottles

Insulated, Reusable Water Bottles

If there is a disadvantage to all-inclusive resorts, it is the amount of plastic consumed and discarded as a result of the unlimited drinks. Also, ice melts extremely quickly!

Consider bringing your own reusable cup for all your poolside drinks if you’re trying to be environmentally conscious. There are a handful of other advantages to bring one along besides lowering the quantity of plastic you would otherwise use.

At the very least, an insulated cup will keep your beverages much colder! In 30 degree heat, those pia coladas melt in a flash.

Simply keep your bottled water nearby to rinse it out before going for a refill, or request a fast rinse with bottled water from the bartender. The best form of cup to bring to an all-inclusive resort is an insulated tumbler with a reusable straw.

A Decoy Scrunchie to Store Your Money

A Decoy Scrunchie to Store Your Money

Although all-inclusive resorts are generally safe, if you have any concerns, pack a decoy item to hide your belongings! This is especially critical when preparing for Cancun’s crowded beaches.

When you’re in the pool and close to your lounge chair, it’s not as much of a concern, but it is when you’re in the ocean and further away from your belongings. No one would think twice whether you wore it in your hair, on your wrist, or on your beach chair.

Beach Cover Up

Swimsuits are self-evident, but we always bring at least one beach cover-up with us. When you need to rush back to your room to get something, you can just slip into your cover-up instead of changing into clothes. It’s also very useful when you’re taking a break from the pool to get a lunch buffet or a snack.

An Active Wear for Excursion Day

Bring a clothing that you can move around in if you want to go on a couple of excursions throughout your trip. Comfortable walking shoes, energetic shorts, and a tank top or t-shirt. Having an active wear ready is also practically useful if you want to join a morning yoga in the Nusa Dua resorts, for example.

Rash Guard with SPF for Lounging Days in the Nusa Dua Resorts!

Rash Guard with SPF for Lounging Days in the Nusa Dua Resorts

If you plan to spend days lounging in the pool and the beach during your vacation time in the Nusa Dua luxury beach resort Bali, you might want to consider wearing a rash guard with SPF. Not only that it’s very useful if you want to surf or do water sport around the resort, but also for casually lounge and swim all day long in the resort. Rash guard with SPF helps you from getting bad sunburn. You don’t want to spend the next 2 to 3 days in the room because you spend the first day in the pool soaking up the sun, do you? Wearing a long torso rash guard help you to hang out in the pool all day long, despite the bright tropical sun of Bali, without getting a severe sun burn!

Go Pro Camera & It’s Dome

If you want to take some next-level photos, you should get one of these GoPros. With this dome attachment, you can take some amazing half-underwater shots. It works by pushing the waterline away from the lens, allowing you to photograph both underwater and above water things in one shot. If you want to step up your game, it makes for some of the best tropical holiday photo memories!

Boost Your Health With These Positive Lifestyle Factors

Boost Your Health With These Positive Lifestyle Factors

Lots of people think that health is about genetic. However, it is not entirely true. Aside from genes, your health benefits alot from positive lifestyle choices. You cannot change your genes or the environment where you live in. However, you can make conscious change to your lifestyle, opting for healthier, and more positive choices. 

Promoting good health with positive lifestyle

Lifestyle is not only about how you dress or present yourself. It is more about how you take care of your well-being mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is a holistic approach so you cannot leave one element for the others. And here are positive lifestyle factors important to promote your overall good health:

Practicing a healthy diet

Diet is not about restricting your body from getting good nutrients it deserves. It is about maintaining your well-balanced diet. Eating food that helps your body energized and healthy in general. What you eat does matter because it affect how your body function. Make conscious choice of food you need to eat so that you can lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, and any other diseases. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits in your daily meals. Reduce the consumption of processed or junk foods. 

Having quality sleep

Having quality sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to deteriorating health also high level of stress. It can also cause you to lose focus. However, it is also important to remember that having too much sleep will not give positive impact to your health either. Hence, you need the right amount of sleep. A good night’s sleep can help recharge your body and mind. During sleep, your body still working by repairing damaged cells, and getting rid of waste.  Ask help from professionals if you have difficulty to sleep. 

Stay active

Every individual may have different capacity of physical activities to do on regular basis. The point is to do it regularly and consistently. You don’t have to do it vigorously like an athlete does. Choose physical activities you like and do it for 30 minutes per day. By staying active, your mind will also become clearer and can be freed from excessive stress. 

Maintain a healthy body weight

Obesity is one of the greatest contributors to various high risk disease such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. You can check your body mass index to see if you are in healthy range. Keep in mind that it is not about looking thin or meatless. Talk with your healthcare provider if you are struggling with your body weight. 

Reduce stress, alcohol consumption, and stop smoking

Stress can damage your well-being in so many ways. It is not something concrete you can remove with your hand so it is challenging to reduce it. You can practice meditation and mindfulness to help reduce the level of stress. Also, limit alcohol consumption and stop smoking because those two things can cause lots of severe health problems such as stroke, erectile dysfunction, cancer, etc.  It may not happen today or tomorrow but in few years. 

How to Advertise Your Private Villa Ubud As Romantic Getaway for Couples!

How to Advertise Your Private Villa Ubud As Romantic Getaway for Couples!

Couples looking for a romantic escape make up a large section of the vacation rental market. When you consider that Bali is one of the primary honeymoon destinations for couples and newlyweds from all around the world, it’s easy to see why couples are the next visitor category you should focus on. And if you want more bookings to your private villa Ubud from this market, you should consider to advertise the villa to meet their demands. 

What Couples Wants for Romantic Escape in A Private Villa Ubud

Given that many couples travel to commemorate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday, there are numerous ways to catch their attention and market your resort specifically for romantic vacations. But how do you go about doing it? What do couples looking for a romantic trip want, and what demands do they have that are unique to this set of travelers? How can you provide an unforgettable experience? Here are seven suggestions for turning your vacation rental into a romantic getaway for two.

Provide Amenities that Couples Wants

Provide Amenities that Couples Wants

One of the finest methods to attract guests’ attention is to provide amenities that set your resort apart from the competitors. Pools and hot tubs are the most popular amenities requested by couples looking for a relaxing getaway. In fact, because these search terms are so common, most vacation rental websites allow guests to filter properties using them. Guests who are looking for intimate vacation with their loved ones would be thrilled to find a luxurious yet affordable 2 bedroom villa with private pool in Ubud, Bali. 

Bath tubs are one of the top amenities you can add to your vacation rental to improve its value. For owners with limited outdoor area, a hot tub is a viable investment that can increase nightly value by at least $31 per room per night. Furthermore, adding a hot tub to a regular rental can instantly transform it into a romantic getaway. 

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Highlight Private Spa and Relaxation Services in the Villa Ubud

Highlight Private Spa and Relaxation Services in the Villa Ubud

What could be more romantic than a relaxed vacation? Provide spa amenities such as quality soaps and bath products, scented candles, and additional towels and linens. These amenities would be greatly appreciated by your guests. If you don’t have these amenities in your vacation home, you may set up a link to a neighboring spa or massage parlor for couples.

Run Special Campaign & Promotions for Couples

While each couple will have their own particular dates to remember, when you launch marketing campaigns, you may generate a buzz to draw more couples to your villa Ubud over specific holidays. You might think about creating special discounts or deals for other key holidays like Nyepi Day, Golden Weekend, or even Christmas, in addition to the more obvious Valentine’s Day promos.

Include Romantic Set-Up in Your Promotional Photos

Without any romantic ambience, a romantic escape in the private villa in Ubud Bali would be incomplete. Warmer light and light dimmers will assist your guests enjoy their stay in your vacation home by creating a dreamy atmosphere. If you want to add that extra touch, add lights from various sources (rather than simply an overhead light) and some battery-operated candles to diversity light sources and give it that fairy-tale atmosphere. You may provide nice quality bedding and soft blankets, as well as a welcome basket to enjoy together, to add to the personal atmosphere. You might also specify whether the home has wine or champagne glasses available in the listing.

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Show Special Treatments for Couples in Your Promotional Listing

Offering offers and promotions for these events will entice people to visit your vacation home, and adding that extra special touch to your guests’ stay will ensure that it will be a memorable occasion. Send flowers, rose petals, or a romance basket filled with scented candles, chocolates, and a bottle of wine to greet them. You may be able to create a likely repeat booking for those dates for all those wishing to relive the important event by providing that magical touch and making their experience unforgettable, especially for honeymooners.

Essential tips for your first business meeting

New things always bring challenges. Especially when it comes to meet other people and it is a professional agenda. Whether it is a meeting with your boss, your clients or your colleagues, you need to perform well in order to pursue your goals. 

Consider these tips if you want to win your meeting participants’ heart. 

Be confident

When you get the chance to carry out or participate in a meeting, you must know that you have the capability and quality for it. So, never underestimate yourself. Now that people trusted you, you must show them that you are worth for this position or deal. 

Think about the outcome of this meeting, confront your fears and believe in yourself that you can push yourself through the limits. 

Prepare for the meeting

Preparation means that you are ready for the meeting. You should and must know the agenda of this first meeting. Learn the materials properly and bring all the necessary documents to the meeting. A little bit more research is very helpful for the unexpected questions from your interlocutors. Also, do not forget to confirm and send a reminder to your meeting participants. 

No less importance, you should know who you are going to meet. Bear in mind to mention their name with the right salutation when you call them.  

Last but not least, know exactly where and when the meeting will be held, then come in time. Some spare time of 30 minutes before the schedule is ideal to take some breath, relax the nerves and to set up the meeting necessities like projector, presentation file, copies of documents and so on. 

Appear professionally

Something that often forgotten by many people is the apparel. “Don’t judge the book from its cover” may not apply this time. A boardroom is place where you present yourself, and this is very much from your look. Since we are living in a very perceptible world, a statement from your outfit is needed. 

Catch people’s attention favourably with a comfortable yet professional outfit. Wear suit that represents a quality person. Try to put up neat clothes that do not show too much skin. In addition, mind your makeup and hairstyle as well. 

Take notes

There will be so many things that are going on in the meeting. So many information that you might not remember wholly. That is why you should bring your notebook and write down the main points of the conversation during the meeting. By doing this you can always look at your notes after the meeting and not skipping the small important things.  

How to Choose Between Strategy and Execution

Running business is about making choices. There are so many things you need to decide on. Every decision you make will affect how your business moves. Every decision has its own potential risks, weighs, and rewards. One decision can lead to failure or success. That is why running a business is not for the weak. You need to be strong-minded and determined. Using your emotional feeling to take over your business won’t do either because business is about number and logical thinking. Sure, there are times when you have to trust your guts. However, the most reliable thing to have is your rationale thinking.

Execute the strategy to grow your business successfully

Lots of business owners and expertise argue over which one is more important in running business, whether it is strategy or execution. To think of it, both are important for business. You need the right strategy to execute. It is hard enough to look for the most effective strategy to boost your business. It is even more challenging to execute them properly to gain positive result. So which one is more important?

Every business owner may have different opinion regarding to this matter. Some people say that strategy is more important because if the strategy is bad then the execution will be just worse. Meanwhile, some others believe that execution is more important because no matter how good the strategies are, they won’t work if they are not executed the right way. Both have their truth but not entirely wrong either.

Strategies are important because they are like map of what you should do. They are the options you need to decide. You have to choose what kind of strategies to use to run your business successfully. There are many strategies already so you need to make your own decision of what strategies you want to apply to your business. By planning and choosing strategies, you will be able to run your business with purpose. Of course not all strategy won’t guarantee your success because there are other factors that affect the chance of success after all. However, strategies allow you to plan better and move with purpose.

Execution is also important because what’s the point of having a weapon if you don’t know how to use it? Thus, execution is more like your plan of how to apply the strategies in the most effective way so the result will be as expected. Even best strategies still need good execution in order to effectively work. Therefore, strategy is not less important than execution and vice versa. Both are important for business. You need the best strategies so your business will stay afloat. However, you need right execution so the strategies you have planned won’t go to waste.

Strategy is hard because it takes so much effort. However, every effort is worth it for finding effective strategies. Then, execution is hard as well. Executing the best strategies is much better to grow your business. Therefore, both are important for your business and you need both.

How To Reach Bali Diving Spots

For the first time to Bali? Preparation is important to start your adventure in Bali. Many activities in Bali that will give you a memorable vacation and a spectacular experience. Surf or dive from the right choice to perfect your adventure. Access to reach tourist destinations is not easily achieved. To reach Tulamben from Kuta it takes 2.5 hours. It seems impossible if you don’t use transportation to reach the dive spots.

Bali Diving Spots

Bali diving spots do offer special charm for all divers, both local and international. How to reach dive spots especially for tourists who are first to Bali?

Explore Bali Diving Spots With Trustworthy Dive Center

Automatic diving destinations have many dive operators with many dive package deals. Exploring Bali diving spots, especially for professional divers, is certainly a special and memorable pleasure. Imagine roaming shipwrecks left over by World War II or looking closely at unique and rare species such as sunfish.

Amenities Bali diving spots packages

Bali diving spots packages for all beginner or professional level divers who want to explore without difficulty. Dive operators provide transportation from where you stay to spot diving and drop off back to your lodging. They provide diving equipment, including boats to dive spots, until lunch.

Bali diving spots packages help make divers easier to focus on preparing dives. Keep in mind not to do divers 24 hours after and before the flight to prevent decompression. Diving requires careful preparation and a fit body is a requirement for diving. If you have certain diseases, it’s a good idea to do a medical check-up to get a diving permit from a doctor.

Facilities offered by dive operators are provided for divers who feel comfortable and safe when diving. The best dive operators provide professional and experienced instructors who ensure your safety and security while diving.

Finding dive operators is easy too difficult. Easy, because Bali is a diving destination, there are automatically many dive operators that offer packages for underwater exploration. The difficulty is to find dive operators who are truly professional and experienced. For this reason, reviews from previous divers for related dive operators are the best way to choose the best dive operators.

Best diving spots are where you can find rare and unique species for all divers to enjoy the underwater scenery. Bali not only offers stunning diving destinations but also beautiful and enchanting natural scenery. It will be very beneficial if you can get around to tourist destinations in Bali after diving.

Your First Steps in Making Business Plan

Making business plan is necessary. Those who are prepared have more chances to success. a plan in business means you are more prepared because you know what to do and which directions to head to. Of course, a business plan doesn’t guarantee that you will reach success. However, it increases the chance because it has objectives, strategies, and everything you need to start business smoothly without so much hassle from the beginning. Of course, business plan also needs to be made carefully.

Making business plan properly

Your first step into business should be done by making plan. It may sound simple but it is not entirely true either. A business plan cannot be made in a rush. You also need the right resources to make it. To help you make business plan easier, here are some tips of what first steps to do:

Your First Steps in Making Business Plan

Find reliable resources. To do so, you need to start your own research. In your research, you need to analyze your objective, products, market, business competitors, etc. The point is, you need to know everything related to your business so you are not starting business blindly.  You need to understand how the industry works.

Decide the purpose of your plan. This is important because every business owner has different nature of business with different background. The way you make plan for your self-funding business and attracting investor one should be different. However, both have the same goal which is to serve the goals you want to achieve through the business you are going to run.

Create profile for your company. It includes various information you need to let others know about your business such as organization’s history, products or services you offer, target market, resources, solution you offer, etc. Crafting company profile is not too difficult and you can use technology such as internet. You can create your company profile on online webpage. Thus, you need to make your company’s official website to put the profile.

Record everything about your business in written document. This is important factor for your business because if you have everything documented, you are ready to face investor, clients, customers, etc. Write the strategies you are going to use to start and run your business. Your strategies should be clear and understandable. To decide what kind of strategies to use, you need to think back of your own objectives. If the strategies can help improving the chance for you to achieve every objective then that’s the right one.

Your First Steps in Making Business Plan. This will help building your image of credibility. Besides, your business involves tem members, customers, and investors. Thus, you need to share the business plan that truly shows your genuine passion and dedication. You can even list the problems you are hoping to solve, your values, your resolution, and your strong point that makes you stand out from your competitors. This can create strong bond of business relationships to another level.


Travelling With Non-Diver to Komodo Liveaboard Trip

When you think about Komodo Liveaboard trip, the first thing to conjure up in your head might be the Komodo dragon trip, A visit to the dragons’ lair, followed by hike to the surrounding hilly islands, and amazing dive sessions in Komodo’s brilliant water. In fact, almost all liveaboard operator in the Komodo National Park offer two to five dive session per day on the sailing trip. Some liveaboard even dedicate themselves for full-sail dive trip in Komodo, with only occasional hike featuring the itinerary. For someone who has full interest on venturing the world under the water, this would be a heavenly holiday. Especially since the Komodo is known for its incredibly rich marine life and vibrant ecosystem—appearing almost like a world-sized aquarium.

But not everyone is keen on diving. Some people are not that gifted in the water, and some other prefer to stay on the land (or the boat, on this case) rather than spending hours with complicated diving apparatus 50+ meters below the surface. What should you do when you are the one with strong interest on diving while your travel buddies—family, spouse, or friend—doesn’t? Could you still have a peaceful Komodo holiday and satisfy everyone?

Travelling With Non-Diver to Komodo Liveaboard Trip

Choosing Balanced Itinerary

It’s not fair if you drag your companion to a pure diving liveaboard while they have nearly zero interest on diving. Be seriously picky with liveaboard to book and always enquire detailed itinerary for the trip. Keep the peace by striking on happy medium. Choose a Komodo liveaboard that combine dive sessions and land-based excursion in perfect balance. If this is their first liveaboard trip, you might want to take a trip with slightly more island excursion than the dive sessions—you want to introduce them to the joy of a sailing trip and not get them bored to death.

Finding Out What Your Companion Could Do on Komodo Liveaboard

Do not leave your travel companion as a “bubble watcher” on board. Make sure that they have some interesting things to do when you jump into the water. It’s a good idea to bring independent entertainment that would keep your companion happy in the mean time. Think of good books to read, tablets with offline movies and music, and game card. A fully functioning, no-internet needed photo editing software that could be operated through phone/ tablet/ laptop is good if your companion has interest in photography. They could immerse in editing superb photos that could readily be published on their social media once the travel has ended!

Give Them Introductory Background about Diving

Know that conversions in the lounge and dinner tables onboard Komodo liveaboard usually revolve around diving and the marine life. Divers would excitedly share what they see underwater, fishes they just encounter, or the latest dive gears they are eyeing. Prepare your companion and give them some dive backgrounds so that they won’t be left alone in the darkness on such conversation.

Pick Komodo Liveaboard with Water Sport Equipment

A great way to keep the non-divers happy during the dive session is by taking a Komodo  liveaboard that’s equipped with inclusive water sport facilities. Let them have an exciting kayak session—or learning the stand-up paddle board with other crews—when you glide across the coral garden. 

Book Them A Relaxing Spa

When your spouse is getting grumpy for “wasting the time watching bubbles”, it’s the right time to splurge a little and book them a relaxing spa onboard. Make sure that your Komodo liveaboard offer this service before the embarkation. As you go exploring the waters, your spouse could relax on deep-tissue massage and soak up on Komodo’s wonderful landscape. This would be a satisfying Komodo holiday that meets the needs of both diver and non-diver passengers.

Canggu Bali Villa Rentals with Low Rate for Budget Travelers

Travelling with limited budget can be stressful. You need to choose the right destination with average low rates in accommodation and transport. Thus, you can save your wallet from vanishing. However, you don’t need to worry because Bali provides everything you need. This majestic island in Indonesia is not only for glamorous travel but also budget travel. And who says that budget traveler cannot book a villa in Bali? There are many Canggu Bali villa rentals with low rate so you can breathe in properly without worrying much about your budget. Canggu is one of popular areas in Bali perfect for enjoyable vacation. This is where you can experience the finest of Bali from various points.

Canggu Bali Villa Rental

Canggu Bali villa rentals with low rates

Money is important thing to consider when it comes to travelling. It is your big supporter for your holiday to be safe and comfortable. In Bali though, the average expanse to spend for a simple vacation is considered affordable. There are also villas with low rates in rent that many tourists choose to stay for long term. However, you can also book one of villas in Canggu for a short getaway and here are some of the most recommended ones:

  • Villa Tibu Indah – If you are travelling in group, this villa is perfect for you to book. Nestled in rice fields in Canggu, this villa provides you best service and amenities for cozy living during your holiday in Bali. You only need to drive few minutes to arrive at the nearest beach, Echo beach. This villa features three bedrooms fit for 6 persons max. The three of them are situated across from each other and separated by the 12-metre swimming pool. Thus, you will enjoy the view of the swimming pool once you wake up in the morning. You can also get cozier by spending time at the garden bale equipped with two massage beds for relaxation.
  • Ambalama Villa Bali – This villa features five spacious bedrooms. The interior and exterior design of this villa are styled in innovative tropical concept. Local, woven woods can be found in many aspects in the architecture of this villa. There is a 25-metre infinity pool nearby the main’s pavilion. It is equipped with wooden pool beds and contemporized bale. The living area is located in the second floor featured in high ceiling and spacious floor. The dining area is equipped with wooden table fit for 10 persons. Besides dining area is kitchen where professional chef prepare your meal.
  • Villa Yenian – This is one of Canggu Bali villa rentals with low rate fit for big group of travelers or consisted of friends or families. It features five spacious bedroom with a terrace overlooking rice field view. The living area is designed in modern style with direct access leading to the outdoor garden. Dining spot is also available spaciously fit for 14 persons. On the outside, you will find swimming pool and Jacuzzi with air-jets. There is also luscious garden fit for BBQ party.