8 Helpful Things to Pack for Resort Vacation in Bali

Are you heading for a sunny, tropical vacation in the Nusa Dua, Bali? This little seaside area of Bali enjoys white sand beaches, ocean breeze, and a quiet gated neighbourhood where most of the resorts in Nusa Dua reside. You might have started your packing—but we have discovered several things that make a beach resort vacation even more enjoyable! So make sure to include these in your bag and enjoy a happy tropical getaway.

Fun Clothes Pins

Fun Clothes Pins

These are things we would never have considered unless we had stayed at an all-inclusive beach resorts in Nusa Dua or other resorts in Bali. When it’s time for a pool day, most people arrive early to secure the best spot. You grab a couple of lounge chairs, spread out your towels, and leave a book and sunscreen to indicate that these are your loungers. Then you go get a cup of coffee or a bite to eat and return to your seats later.

However, bringing these towel clips not only secures your towels to your chairs (it does get windy near the coast after all), but they also make it easy to distinguish which chairs are yours from the same hotel towels. They also come in fun shapes like margaritas, flamingos, flip flops, parrots, and other colorful forms. These pins are also great for hanging your wet swimsuits to dry on your room balcony.

A Reef-Friendly Sunscreen

If you plan on going on any trips to swim in cenotes or other environmentally vulnerable environments, it’s critical that you use reef-safe sunscreen. Look for sunscreen that is safe for the ocean and has no hazardous components.

Insulated, Reusable Water Bottles

Insulated, Reusable Water Bottles

If there is a disadvantage to all-inclusive resorts, it is the amount of plastic consumed and discarded as a result of the unlimited drinks. Also, ice melts extremely quickly!

Consider bringing your own reusable cup for all your poolside drinks if you’re trying to be environmentally conscious. There are a handful of other advantages to bring one along besides lowering the quantity of plastic you would otherwise use.

At the very least, an insulated cup will keep your beverages much colder! In 30 degree heat, those pia coladas melt in a flash.

Simply keep your bottled water nearby to rinse it out before going for a refill, or request a fast rinse with bottled water from the bartender. The best form of cup to bring to an all-inclusive resort is an insulated tumbler with a reusable straw.

A Decoy Scrunchie to Store Your Money

A Decoy Scrunchie to Store Your Money

Although all-inclusive resorts are generally safe, if you have any concerns, pack a decoy item to hide your belongings! This is especially critical when preparing for Cancun’s crowded beaches.

When you’re in the pool and close to your lounge chair, it’s not as much of a concern, but it is when you’re in the ocean and further away from your belongings. No one would think twice whether you wore it in your hair, on your wrist, or on your beach chair.

Beach Cover Up

Swimsuits are self-evident, but we always bring at least one beach cover-up with us. When you need to rush back to your room to get something, you can just slip into your cover-up instead of changing into clothes. It’s also very useful when you’re taking a break from the pool to get a lunch buffet or a snack.

An Active Wear for Excursion Day

Bring a clothing that you can move around in if you want to go on a couple of excursions throughout your trip. Comfortable walking shoes, energetic shorts, and a tank top or t-shirt. Having an active wear ready is also practically useful if you want to join a morning yoga in the Nusa Dua resorts, for example.

Rash Guard with SPF for Lounging Days in the Nusa Dua Resorts!

Rash Guard with SPF for Lounging Days in the Nusa Dua Resorts

If you plan to spend days lounging in the pool and the beach during your vacation time in the Nusa Dua luxury beach resort Bali, you might want to consider wearing a rash guard with SPF. Not only that it’s very useful if you want to surf or do water sport around the resort, but also for casually lounge and swim all day long in the resort. Rash guard with SPF helps you from getting bad sunburn. You don’t want to spend the next 2 to 3 days in the room because you spend the first day in the pool soaking up the sun, do you? Wearing a long torso rash guard help you to hang out in the pool all day long, despite the bright tropical sun of Bali, without getting a severe sun burn!

Go Pro Camera & It’s Dome

If you want to take some next-level photos, you should get one of these GoPros. With this dome attachment, you can take some amazing half-underwater shots. It works by pushing the waterline away from the lens, allowing you to photograph both underwater and above water things in one shot. If you want to step up your game, it makes for some of the best tropical holiday photo memories!

Building Wealth by Possessing the Right Characteristics

It is not a surprise that everyone wants to make millions in their life. Nobody want to live in misery when they lack of money to provide their needs. However, building wealth is not as easy as it sounds. Rather than how much you make or spend, sometimes it is more related to your attitude towards the money. Wealthy and successful people possess certain traits and characteristics which affect their relationship with money. They do not put their attention solely on how much money they can make or what amount they afford to spend. Knowing the right characteristics to become wealth people can be a good start for you.

The right characteristics to build wealth

Personal traits are something you should take seriously. They are important factors in various aspects in life include in creating wealth. So here are some personal traits you should possess if you want to create your own wealth successfully like savvy, rich property investors out there:

  • Discipline sounds simple but it is extremely hard to possess. To be discipline, you need the right drive that motivates you to keep going and moving. Being consistent in your disciplinary is not easy as well since there are many tempts you will encounter throughout your journey. However, you can maintain your discipline when you focus on your main objectives. Only then you can execute the plans you have successfully.
  • Patience is an attitude you need to become rich and successful. For example, you cannot just gain profit from investment property overnight. It is impossible. Thus, you need to build your patience during your time in managing money. Try to delay gratification as well because it is worth it in the end.
  • Good at organizing is also valuable when you are trying to create millions. You need to organize your financial setting. It is not only to gain more money but also to create long-term security. Make sure to pay the bills on time so it won’t give you trouble in the future. Remember that organizing your cash flow is important factor in your attempt to become wealthy.
  • Willing to reflect on your past is good trait to possess. For example, not all your strategies in property investing worked in the past. You need to reflect on your past self as well as financial decision you made at that time. Only then you can learn not to make the same mistake and improve to be better in managing your money and business.
  • Be a risk taker but not a risk lover. They are two different things. Being a risk taker means you understand who you are and make thorough calculation of the risks. Meanwhile, being a risk lover means you just dive and jump into a decision without weighing the risks before. You need to be smartly brave but not stupidly brave. Being a risk phobia is not good either because you won’t get anywhere. The right thing to do is to make thorough plan and decision based on well-calculated risks.